How to Properly Replace Projector LED Lights?

May 10, 2020

How to Properly Replace Projector LED Lights?

Buying a LED projector is an investment that lasts a long time, if not an entire lifetime.

But that doesn’t mean that it’ll be smooth sailing even through power fluctuations, external damage to the projector, or even manhandling it.

It is common to look for solutions for your projectors online and try to do it yourself, but if you’ve bought a projector by a lesser-known brand, it won’t last that long.

The LED projector lights might not work, some other component may have burnt out, anyhow investing in a well-made projector by a known brand will make sure it doesn’t flake out on you.

Regardless, the LED lights on the projector aren’t immortal and one day or the other they will run out.

The cost of replacing lamp bulbs in a projector may seem equal to the price of a new projector, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy one each time the bulb runs out.

Purchasing a new projector with traditional bulbs isn’t a cost-effective option for everyone, especially those using it for personal use and who most probably have a budget.

Similarly, community centers or places that run on donations may not be able to afford a projector each time the traditional bulbs or LED lights fuse out.

So what do you do?

How do you go about fixing your projector or replacing the LED lights in a projector when you have no knowledge whatsoever?

Well, that is what this post is here for.

By following the below-mentioned steps you can be well on your way to fixing the problem with your LED projector light and won’t even have to spend tons of money by hiring someone to fix it for you.

Steps to Open Your Projector

Before you begin with the fixing up of your projector, make sure that it is disconnected from the power outlet and has had an ample amount of time to cool down.

You do not want to open a projector that is powered on and running, nor while it is cooling down as you may end up disturbing the wiring of the projector or the lamp may blow up.

  1. Start by removing the lamp and loosening the screws of the lamp door. You don’t have to completely remove them just enough for it to detach.
  2. Then start loosening the screws on the lamp assembly. These won’t come out entirely which is fine.
  3. After this, you will be able to lift up the metal handle on the lamp assembly and from here you will be able to remove the lamp bulb.
  4. Next up, we’ll be removing the faceplate of the projector, by unscrewing the three screws that connect the faceplate to the body of the projector.
  5. While lifting up the faceplate you’ll be able to see the wiring inside, be careful at this step so that you don’t disturb any wiring.
  6. Always remember to group your screws together as you don’t want to have to guess which one goes where.
  7. Now, we’ll remove the lid and backplate of the projector by removing the screws of the backplate.
  8. You’ll also want to remove the screws around the VGA port but grab a pair of pliers if they don’t come out easily.
  9. Flip the projector upright and slowly but gently start to remove the lid as the ribbon cable is attached to controls on the lid and we don’t want to damage it.
  10. After the lid has been lifted, carefully remove the ribbon cable as well while remembering its orientation for when you put it back together.
  11. With the lid, ribbon cable and screws removed, flip back over once again and remove the backplate as well. It will come out easily.
  12. Now, that you have access to the machinery inside, it is time to access the mainboard and free up all that trapped dust.
  13. If you need to gain access to the main circuit simply remove the 5 screws that you see and their plastic connectors. However, this step may be ignored if you don’t need to access the main circuit and can make do with the mainboard to replace the LED projector light.

Don’t worry if it seems overwhelming, juts group your screws of various sections with one another, grab some sticky notes and note down those areas so you know what goes where and won’t be scratching your head when it comes to reassembling the projector.

LED lights are real value for the money spent and replacing them may not be the uphill battle you made it out to be in your head.

So, don’t worry and keep reading on to find out the next step on replacing the LED projector lights.

How to Replace LED Light?

If you’re using traditional bulbs or cheap ones from Costco or Walmart chances are you’ll be opening your projector way early to replace them because those bulbs don’t last for a very long time.

This is why people opt for LED lights in their projectors because not only are they energy-efficient and great for the environment but they are way better than the old school fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

For projectors, traditional bulbs will work as well but if you want good value for your buck LED is the way to go.

Similarly, the “Lumens” - another fancy way of saying how bright your LED light is to the naked eye – is better factored by LED lights.

You can buy LED lights with a higher Lumen count which will ensure maximum brightness for the projector.

This is one of the main reasons why LED lights are so popular among projector owners and why more people are opting for the LED projector in general.

So, now that you have your projector completely bare and open, let's replace that LED light.

Now, once you have access to the heat sink you’ll find the LED attached to it by popping it off. To remove the LED light, you’ll have to buy an adhesive heat sink compound because it is very sticky almost like chewing gum.

After the LED comes off, you can use the same adhesive compound to attach the LED back to the heat sink and get it attached back on the spring and start re-assembling the projector one by one.

Remember to replace the screws in their right places and not to miss out any crannies. Similarly, make sure to re-attach the main circuit, followed by the mainboard so that it doesn’t look wonky.

Why LED Projectors Are A Good Investment?

LED projectors are a great investment if you’re looking to buy it for personal use or in an office. When you compare the cost, the maintenance expenses, and how much the prices of LED projector lights have dropped over the year it all adds up to favor LED projectors.

You want to go for a projector that has a high lumen so that the film or presentation being projected doesn’t appear dull or dim. Some of the latest projectors have a lumen count of 3500 which has made them quite appealing.
Similarly, LED projector lights may have a running operational time of 20,000 hours or more, which makes them an ideal choice for those organizations or teams that need projectors in hard to reach places or need it on a day to day basis.

This way the projector lamp won’t run out as fast and won’t need frequent LED projector lights replacement.

Another great benefit is the least amount of heat generated by LED projectors and makes them an obvious choice in small places or places that have a temperature-controlled environment like libraries, museums, art galleries, and more.

The laser projection with LED projectors makes them quite popular as well for large venues or gatherings as it will lower the costs while maintaining color brightness with a high lumen LED lights and won’t destroy image quality.
Just by cleaning out the filter, you can make sure it lasts you for a longer period of time.


By now, we hope that you have gained some concrete ways on how to replace the LED projector lights and not go out looking for a new one to replace it.
The LED lights make an affordable option for the longevity of your projector and give you wonderful image quality for less as compared to traditional bulb projectors.

The process of replacing the LED lights may be a bit complicated but it isn’t rocket science. You can accomplish it by yourself by following the steps mentioned above.

And if you’ve been thinking of buying a new LED projector but were apprehensive on the maintenance costs, by now your worries must have been erased and you can see what a value proposition LED projector is.

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