VANKYO Leisure 495W Native 1080p 5G WiFi Mini Projector with screen

[Full HD resolution and overwhelming high quality]: Full HD  native 1920×1080 resolution , reproduce the colors of the original picture, and enjoy high-quality images.  The projection distance is 1.5 to 5.75 meters, which can correspond to a large screen projection size of 47 to 220 inches, bringing a beautiful image experience like breathing, and an overwhelming sense of presence like being in a movie theater. 


[Support the regular version of Dolby Sound & Bluetooth 5.1 built-in]: Dolby Audio provides rich and clear powerful sound for cinemas, homes, and mobile. The L495 projector can not only bring a more pleasant listening experience, but also can connect chromecast or Amazon fire TV stick to the projector to solve the audio problem of some movies from Amazon Video, Netflix and so on. And by using the Bluetooth function, playing sound through wireless earphones or its own speakers, through the exquisite sound quality, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the movie hall.


[Wired connection & wireless connection]: WiFi can easily connect smart phones and tablets, which is very convenient. You can connect your smartphone or tablet from a remote location and enjoy videos and movies easily. In addition, both the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band can be used, and it is not easy to produce radio interference at 5GHz, and the comfortable communication speed makes live images smooth and stress-free. It can also be connected via a USB port/AV port/HDMI input, etc., which can be connected to various devices such as PC or DVD players, game consoles, etc.


[Lightweight and compact]: (body size: 215*175*85mm/weight: 1.4kg) Compared with the size of the  current 1080P projectors, the L495 HD projector optimizes the internal structure and reduces it by almost 2/3. Changing the traditional pulsator-type focusing design, cleverly added a high-grade handle-style four-corner clip on the side, which can smoothly adjust the focus. Enjoy the video on the big screen in your bedroom, enjoy it outdoors while camping, and be free in your favorite place.  Not only can be placed on the table, but also can be mounted on the tripod, suspension.


[Design developed by our company]: Adopting refined design, compact body is equipped with abundant ports. In addition, it comes with a dedicated screen, which is cost-effective and brings an excellent cinema experience.