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VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector, Rechargeable DLP Wireless Mini Projector

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* VANKYO Burger 101 Projector is only available in the US at present.

This mini portable projector adopts advanced DLP technology that provides more accurate, durable color and better image sharpness. It allows you to obtain remarkable readability and clarity with high contrast. It supports 1080P Full HD video sources and multiple connections to meet your diverse needs. Small, light and equipped with a built-in battery, the Burger 101 pocket projector is ideal for all entertainment on the move.

Another impressive merit of the Burger 101 projector is its direct 3D effect, which gives you a feeling of real cinema. Along with a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, watch your favorite 3D movies with the whole family in the comfort of your home. Besides, Burger 101 comes with HDMI, USB, and audio ports, allowing to connect to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV Box, TV Stick, and USB flash drive.

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