What is the Best Brightness Level for 720P Projectors?

septembre 30, 2020

What is the Best Brightness Level for 720P Projectors?

Projectors, as we know, are devices that use laser lights to project images on to a surface in front of it. These projected images are clear and present what the person operating the projector wants. Normally, people buy home theatre projectors for entertainment purposes.

These projectors can be quite useful for entertainment purposes because they create a cinematic experience at home. People purchase projectors so they can spend quality time with their loved ones while enjoying a good movie.

Since a projector is a technological device, it is important to understand its functions. Otherwise, you may come across certain problems that you don't have an answer to or not know how to resolve.

Understanding the functions of a projector might seem like a difficult and complicated task, but it isn't. One key factor that impacts the quality of projected images and videos is the brightness level. This is why today we are going to cover certain points that will help you. Continue reading to find out how much the brightness scale is proper if the projector is with the solution of 720P.

How Does High Lumens Affect Your Viewing Quality?

This is a question every projector owner or someone wanting to purchase one asks. In case you don’t know, lumens are a measurement of brightness that a projector should give out. In simpler terms, lumens is the brightness standard of a projector, presented with ''LM.''

Another important term you must familiarize yourself with is “Lux.” It refers to the illumination level, which normally measured 30cm away from the lens. Typically, 100LM is in accordance with 4500Lux, and 200LM corresponds to 9000Lux. You should understand the importance of lumens as they are what enhance your projectors viewing quality. The brightness projected by a projector makes it easier to see the images projected on to the screen.

However, there are certain things you need to understand before determining how light affects your viewing quality. First of all, it depends on the location, i.e., where your projector is. This means the need for high lumens will depend on where you have set the projector. You will need different brightness levels if your projector is in your living room, bedroom, or basement.

If you have installed the projector in an environment where there is external light, meaning natural light coming from the windows or through the door, this is referred to as room brightness. Thus, the brightness of the projector can range from low, high, and pitch black, depending on the room brightness. That's how much lumens a projector requires to create better viewing quality.

Similarly, if the projector is in a room where there is minimum ambient lighting, 1500 lumens would be sufficient. However, rooms with windows and other openings require at least a minimum of 2500 lumens. Lumens, in short, help the bulb with the brightness level. This brightness level helps a person adjust their eyes to the screen brightness level for better viewing of the projected images.

Ideal Brightness of the Projector with a Resolution of 720p

What would be the ideal brightness level of a projector with a resolution of 720p? Before we head to the answer, we need to clarify what resolution is. A projector’s resolution is quite an important feature, and when purchasing a projector, you need to determine what you will use it for. This will help you find the right resolution for your home.

The resolution, in simple words, refers to the number of pixels a projector has to display images on a surface. As we mentioned earlier, how lumens affect the image quality, the resolution is another specification of a projector that affects the quality of the image of a projector. The higher the resolution, the more pixels a projector has.

Resolution and lumens, both specifications need to correlate with one another; otherwise, there might be complications such as unclear image quality. Nowadays, setting the right brightness level is actually quite easy because you get the required information in the manufacturer manual. From there, you can set the brightness level accordingly until the quality of the image becomes clear.

Now, if you're wondering what exactly should be the brightness level of a projector with 720p, you need to consider the room brightness. Less ambient lighting would mean the brightness level could be lower. However, with a higher level of brightness in the room, the projector's brightness level must be high as well.

What Will Happen If the Brightness of the Projector (720p) is Too High or Too Low?

A simple answer to this question would be that if you set a brightness level of too low or high, it would adversely affect the image quality. Have you ever noticed how annoying and uncomfortable it can be when your phone's brightness is too high or low? Well, it's technically the same with all kinds of projectors.
When it comes to image quality, brightness plays a huge role in improving and ruining it. So, it is highly important to set a brightness level that is just right. Besides, using too much brightness could also damage the bulb inside the projector.

If the bulb stops working or cannot project the same level of brightness as before, you will need to replace it. How can you identify that your bulb or lamp needs replacement? Well, projector lamps will dim down to around 50% of the original brightness. If you're wondering how long a lamp lasts, a regular projector with 720p resolution will last around 2000 hours.

After this, a replacement will become necessary. You can find replacement lamps from several vendors and find one according to your budget.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Lamp?

So is there a way to prevent your bulbs from damaging? Yes, there is a solution. You can follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Make sure to clean air filters at least every three months. However, you will need to do this more often if the room tends to become dustier easily
  • Avoid frequent on and off
  • Secure projector from shocks
  • You can use the lamp on economy mode if your projector has one

These are simple steps you can follow to prevent your lamp from damage needing immediate replacement.

How Much Would It Cost?

Once you find the answer to this question, you will surely follow the steps mentioned above more religiously to save yourself from frequent replacements. There are several projector models that you can purchase at various prices. New standard projectors can cost around $1000 and below.

However, the bulb of a projector can initially cost you around half of what you paid for a projector. Many vendors sell projector lamps at prices ranging from around $300 to $500.

Why a Projector with 720P is a Good Option?

If you're wondering if 720p is the best resolution for a projector, the answer isn't as simple as you might think. 720p projectors offer HD resolution, which can project a beautiful picture. However, they do lack the image sharpness and quality as compared to 1080p projectors.

On the other hand, 720p projectors are less expensive as compared with projectors with higher resolution. Note the higher the resolution, the more you will have to pay for the projector. Projectors with a resolution of 720p are perfect for smaller rooms in which the distance between the seating arrangement and screen isn't too far.

720p projectors have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages when compared with higher resolutions. Therefore, if your budget fits perfectly for a 720p resolution, you should definitely go for it.

Final Thoughts

We have covered some basics regarding the brightness of a projector and how it can affect the projectors image quality. It might help you enable and enhance the best quality output from the projector. Keeping the details mentioned above in mind will help you purchase the right projector for your home. It will also save you from extra costs that may occur from misusing a projector.

Always remember to purchase a projector from a reliable manufacturer who can answer and resolve any concerns you may have during and after purchasing a projector.

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