Uncovering Next-Generation 

Eye Caring Screen

Avoid Harmful Blue Light

Diffuse Reflection Blue Light Absorption (DRBA*): through an 

advanced calculation method, VANKYO UECS Lab* indicates that 

harmful directlight from digital screens causes irreversible 

damages to retina. While projecting image to the wall protects 

eyes from blue light damage as the wall absorbing 50.3% 

blue light, then reflecting only healthy light to eyeballs. 

*Note: Data from VANKYO User Experience and Cognitive Science (UECS)Laboratory

Gentler Image in Artificial 

Natural Light

VANKYO projectors, imitating natural light, lead no digital eyestrain 

symptoms (usually caused by TV screen direct HEV light*), which are 

softer and healthier to your eyes.

*HEV light: High-energy visible light (having a wavelength between 400nm - 500nm) 

Stressless Enjoyment of 

Big Screen 

View at an adjustable eye-to-screen distance for eyesight protection. 

Find your comfort zone, enjoying immersive & stressless moment.