How to Setup Headphone For Projectors?

janvier 29, 2021

How to Setup Headphone For Projectors?

In today’s world, headphones have become a common accessory that complements our everyday lives. If you own a projector, then you have probably asked yourself: “What is the best headphone setup for projectors?” After all, the privacy and sound quality improvements you get with headphones will only heighten our media projection.

In this article, we will tackle this question with a list of steps that can help you get the most out of your headphone and projector experience. We will also explore the world of headphones, examining the different types of headphones available today, as well as which one might be a better fit for you.

Types of Headphones

There are several types of headphones that can be found in the market today. They all have distinct design details that make them better suited for a specific use. Understanding the different types of headphones available can help you find one that fits your needs more accurately.

#1 Circumaural

Circumaural headphones (also known as over-ear headphones) have characteristic ellipsoid earpads that cover and envelop the ears. Because of the design, circumaural headphones can be fitted around the head (usually with the aid of a cushion on the top for comfort) in a way that creates a seal against external noise.

A good example of circumaural headphones is the Vankyo CM7000 Headset, which comes with a pair of circumaural headphones that aid noise reduction. Most modern high-quality headsets tend to be circumaural in design, with the only downside being their size and weight, which are features that limit their mobility and versatility greatly.

#2 Supra-aural

Supra-aural headphones differentiate themselves from circumaural headphones in the way they fit the ears. Supra-aural headphones use pads that are pressed directly against the ears, a design that results in a less efficient residual noise suppression. The upside with Supra-aural headphones is their lightweight build, a feature that some find to be extremely beneficial due to the decreased weight load in the head of the wearer.

#3 Headsets

A headset is a headphone and microphone combination. Headsets have benefited from substantial growth in popularity due to their prevalence among smartphones, PC, and Videogame console users. Their availability and ease of use make them a popular option as an audio source for projector use.

#4 Earphones & In-ear Headphones

Earphones and in-ear headphones are very small headphones that are placed directly in the ear. Earphones are placed in the outer ear, while in-ear headphones are fitted inside the ear canal itself. These types of headphones are the most common type found in the world today, their inclusion in almost every smartphone purchase as a headset being great contributors to this trend.

Earphones and in-ear headphones differ from each other in their ability to keep external noise at bay. Earphones tend to allow more external noise inside the ear, which can decrease the quality and volume of the audio experience. In-ear headphones (usually made of plastic or silicone) can fit themselves inside the ear canal, creating an almost insulated audio experience.

When it comes to projector use, we think that in-ear headphones (especially if they are wireless) are by far the best choice. Their only downside is a battery that needs to be recharged every few hours.

#4 Wireless Headphones & Headsets

As the name describes them, wireless headphones and headsets have no wires. The most standard means of connection with a device is via pairing. This is usually accomplished using Bluetooth technology.

We believe this is the best option when thinking about using headphones with your projector setup, especially if the projector has integrated Bluetooth features. The versatility of wireless connections can simplify the projector & headphone setup considerably, especially when we consider the streaming device as part of the equation.

What is the Best Type of Headphone for Projector Use?

The short answer to this question is that the best type of headphone is one that suits your needs. The more information you have on the different options available, the better your choice will ultimately be.

If you are someone that is constantly on the move, even when you are using your projector in a home, office, or academic environment, then a wireless Bluetooth pair of earbuds or ear-in headphones might be the best option for you.

Some modern wireless headphone options like the Vankyo X200 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones use a portable battery charger that doubles as a storage case for the headphones. This setup effectively reduces the amount of time you have to spend charging the headphones, and grants you added mobility and versatility when it comes to using them with almost any media device like projectors.

1. Best Portable Headphone And Projector Setup

If you want to create a powerful portable setup, we also recommend the VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector, a powerful mini projector that allows you to set up a full projector experience on the go. In combination with headphones, this light to carry and easy to maintain setup will allow you to stream all your favorite movies, games, videos, and presentations in almost any setting.

2. Best Gaming Headphone And Projector Setup

If you want to create a one of a kind projector plus headphone setup that specializes in bringing you the best gaming experience, we recommend the VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector, 300" LED Projector paired with a high-quality headset like the Vankyo CM7000 Headset. The 1080p resolution of the Vankyo V630 will project all your newest games with an impressively clear and sharp image quality. When paired with a good quality headset like the Vankyo CM7000, one that excels in its sound quality and ergonomic design, you’ll be able to hear and talk to your friends while you enjoy a superior gaming experience.

What is the Best Way to Setup Headphones for Projector use?

1) Choose your audio approach

The first and most important thing is to decide what type of audio approach you want to use in order to get your headphones to work. Depending on the source of your media (e.g. laptop, PC, smartphone) your audio approaches might be slightly different.

For all intents and purposes, we strongly recommend using wireless or Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with your streaming device. Wired headphones (unless streaming via smartphone or laptop) can become very limiting due to the physical wires.

2) Check for headphone compatibility

The next important step is to check the projector, streaming device, and headphone compatibility. Keep in mind that not all projectors have Bluetooth compatibility, although this is something that can be easily fixed with a Bluetooth adapter.

We recommend you check your headphone and projector specifications (i.e. specs) in order to ascertain their compatibility beforehand. Most times, checking the manual or a quick online search is more than sufficient in terms of determining compatibility.

3) Update the projector software

If you are using a wireless or Bluetooth connection to interface the headphones with your projector, we recommend you update your projector software. Most Bluetooth compatible projectors will have some type of Operating System (i.e. OS) that uses updates in order to maintain the device working impeccably.

4) Update your streaming device software

When connecting your headphones to your projector setup via a streaming device, it’s always recommended to update the streaming device. All PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones will have software updates available. These updates are crucial if you want to achieve a smooth projector experience with your headphones.

In order to update your streaming device, you can check online for the different updates available to you. Device brand and specifications are important when doing an online search, here are a few examples:

  • Android Tablets & Smartphones use Android OS updates.
  • Apple Tablets & Smartphones use iOS updates.
  • Windows PC’s and Laptops use Windows Update.
  • Apple PC’s and Laptops use macOS updates.

5) Connect the headphones to your projector setup

Once compatibility, audio approach, and software are taken care of, you can proceed to connect your headphones to the projector. If you are using wired headphones, have your streaming device close enough to you in order to plug in the headphones to it. If using any form of wireless headphones, make sure that your batteries are charged and ready to go.

What to Do When Your Headphones Don’t Work With a Projector?

1) Watch the distance when using Bluetooth headphones

If your wireless headphones are having trouble connecting properly with your streaming device or projector, you should check the distance between you and your paired device. The most common signs that you are having an unstable connection due to a weak signal are:

  • Intermittent audio.
  • Audio interference.
  • Audio quality drops off.
  • Bluetooth connection ceases suddenly.

Physical barriers such as metal or thick walls can also be a source of issues. Make sure you have a good line of sight with your device (materials such as wood and fabrics don’t generate many problems). As a rule of thumb, as long as you have your Bluetooth headphones within the same room as the paired device, the audio experience should remain optimal.

2) Check the Headphone jack

If you can hear an audible distortion when you move around your headphone wires, or when you connect them to an audio port, you should probably check the headphone jack. Headphone jacks, especially cheaply manufactured ones, are known to get damaged and fail very easily.

If your headphone jack is damaged, a replacement can fix your issue. If the damaged headphone jack is attached to the headphones (e.g. earbuds) then your only option is to replace the headphones.

3)Test different headphones with the projector

If your headphone setup isn’t working properly with your projector, you might consider testing a different set of headphones. A different pair of headphones can help you gauge the issue more accurately, which is especially helpful once we try to locate the source of the problem.

If you encounter no problems with the new headphones, then the problem probably falls on the other pair of headphones. If the problem persists, even with a different pair of headphones, then the problem is most certainly located within the projector and/or streaming device.

4) Contact customer support

If you are having issues connecting your headphones with your projector, you can always contact customer support. Most projector and headphone manufacturers use professional customer support specialists that are there to help you resolve any issue.


Remember that the best headphone setup for projectors is the one that fits your current needs more adequately. But if you are looking to build a projector and headphone setup that guarantees the best possible experience, wireless headphones and a Bluetooth compatible (or modified) projector is the way to go.

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