Best Solutions for Home Projector Common Sound Issues

juin 02, 2020

Best Solutions for Home Projector Common Sound Issues

How to Address Projector Sound Issues?

Projector sound issues can be very frustrating to deal with. If you’re someone who works with projectors on a daily basis, having to call the IT guy every time you schedule an audio or a video session can become a nuisance. Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of an audience because of technical difficulties. The situation can become stressful especially if it’s a presentation you worked super hard on. Nothing is more annoying than having to look at a projector screen without any audio. And it’s even more infuriating when you have no idea how to fix the problem. This is something that most of the projector owners have gone through at some point in their lives. If you are also facing this kind of problem, you need not panic. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the process of fixing any projector sound issue you have been facing. We will try to provide solutions for the following key problems with the projector audio:

  • When there is no sound after you connect the firestick
  • The VGA has no sound
  • The external loudspeakers are out of sync

Common Projector Sound Issues to Troubleshoot

If you find yourself cursing the projector for being useless and a waste of your hard-earned money, be sure to take a moment and run some troubleshooting tests. If you are in front of an audience, try not to panic. It might just be a minor glitch. Whenever you face any issue with your projector, it’s always a good idea to run some test troubleshooting sessions to check if the projector system can resolve the problem on its own. Most of the time, common projector sound issues are a result of basic mistakes being made by the projector operator due to a lack of experience.

3 Common Solutions for No Audio Issue

The following are the most common reasons why there might be no audio on your projector.

1. Check Whether the Volume is Down

Start off by ensuring that the volume option on your projector is not muted or turned down. If it is, turn the volume up to check if it solves the problem. Secondly, if your projector is connected to an external device like a laptop or a tablet via HDMI or USB Type-C cable, check the volume settings on the external device to make sure that the volume is turned up. If you have connected a loudspeaker to the projector to improve the sound quality. Ensure that the audio jack from the speaker is properly plugged into the projector portal. Also, remember to turn up the volume settings on the external speakers. Lastly, if you are running a program on the projector screen via a third-party app, you should check the volume controls inside the app to make sure the audio is not turned off or disabled.

2. Make Sure You Have the Correct Audio Output Selected

Another common mistake that a lot of operators make is that they select the wrong audio output on their external/source device. If you have your phone or laptop connected to the projector, go to the audio output selection setting on your device and ensure that you have selected the projector as the audio output. With improvements in technology, a lot of projectors are now equipped with Bluetooth support settings. If your project is also connected to a Bluetooth speaker, go to the settings option on your projector and ensure that it displays Bluetooth under the settings bar (Settings > Bluetooth). If you have an Apple TV, you can adjust the audio settings via the following steps:

  • Change the Speaker Output on Apple TV: Go to the settings app > Select Audio and Video > Select Audio output > Select your preferred audio output
  • Change the Surround Sound on Apple TV: Go to the settings app > Select Audio and Video > Select surround sound > Change to Dolby Digital 5.1 or Stereo

    3. Check for Updates on the App

    Ensure that all the apps installed on your projector are updated. Outdated apps can sometimes be a cause of a few common projector sound issues. Whether you can’t hear any sound or if the output volume is not loud enough, despite the settings, it’s most likely an outdated app issue that can resolve itself on its own once you install the update. 

    Solutions for No Sound After Connecting to Fire Stick

    One of the most common complaints that we receive from our customers is that there is no audio transmission after they connect their fire stick or Amazon Fire TV to a projector. A lot of online tech forums are filled with questions like “Firestick no sound on projector” or “How to get volume on firestick”. Although, these queries have questionable grammar, the issues mentioned in these phrases are pretty familiar to Firestick and Fire TV users. If you own an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick and are experiencing similar problems, try following the given steps to rectify the issue once and for all.

    Before rushing to the audio settings menu on your Firestick or Fire TV, try following a few troubleshooting steps:

    • Check if the volume on your projector is not turned off or muted.
    • Make sure that you have the latest operating system installed on your Amazon device. You Can update to the latest software by going to Settings > System > About and then selecting Software version > Check for a system update.

    If the problem still persists, go to the menu on your firestick and then press audio. You will get two options Language and Audio output, select Audio output and change the default settings from Dolby digital plus to Stereo. You can also check to ensure that the Firestick is not linked to an external Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

    Solutions for Connecting with VGA Cable and No Sound

    Have you tried connecting your laptop to the projector using a VGA cable? Are you frustrated because, despite the perfectly clear visuals on the screen, there is absolutely no audio? Have you run out of patience trying to get some kind of audio from the projector by constantly removing and inserting the VGA cable into your laptop? The following information might just blow your mind. Contrary to popular belief, a VGA cable (15 pins D-shaped connector) is not capable of carrying sound. These cables are designed for the sole purpose of video transmission. Hence the name Video Graphics Array (VGA).

    Here are a few possible solutions to your VGA sound problems. Since VGA does not support audio, you can use a 3.5mm headphone line along with the VGA cable. Insert both the VGA cable and the headphone line into the VGA port and your laptop. Then, connect the cable from the VGA port into the projector. This will enable the sound settings on your projector.

    You can also use a VGA to HDMI converter. Plug one end of the VGA cable into your laptop and the other end into the VGA port on the VGA to HDMI converter. Then, plug in the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the converter and connect the cable to the projector. For a more practical demonstration, you can search for YouTube video tutorials like “Projector sound not working” or “Projector no sound HDMI”.

    Solutions for External Loudspeakers are Out of Sync

    Sometimes you may experience A/V sync problems with your external loudspeakers while watching a video on the projector screen. You might notice that the audio soundtrack is running faster than the corresponding image. This is because audio can be processed a lot faster than video. High resolution/ High definition videos use up a lot more processing space. Consequently, there is a time delay in the transmission of the image signal with respect to the audio signal.

    You can use the following steps to manage the A/V sync issues in your projector:

    • Go to the projector settings manual on your laptop, and search for the audio delay function. You can try delaying the sound by a defined period until the audio is completely in-sync with the video.
    • You can also try to rectify the video delay by disabling the video processing settings on your projector.
    • If you experience a delay in the audio transmission, go to the settings to ensure that an audio delay feature is not applied by default in the projector settings.

    Final Thoughts

    A perfectly planned movie night with friends can turn into a complete disaster if different projector sound issues start popping up. Fortunately, we have gone through most of the common audio problems that you can experience with your projector. With this comprehensive guide, you can tackle almost any sound issue that comes your way. You can now walk into office conferences and ace your presentations like a boss. Remember, even if the projector malfunctions, you now have the technical knowledge to fix it.

    Thinking about buying a new projector but don’t know where to start? Explore your options here. With one of our custom-built projectors, you might not need this error guide after all.

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