Do I Need A Sewing Projector?

août 12, 2022

Do I Need A Sewing Projector?

Introduction of Sewing Projector

The use of projectors in cutting and sewing patterns has got a lot of people who sew feeling really techy. And as is the aim of every technology out there, projector sewing has helped to make sewing a whole lot easier.

Projector sewing involves projecting the pattern you intend to cut, directly on the material. This reduces the paper trails you leave behind and gives a better accuracy when calibrated properly. Yes, you heard that right, you could get rid of the paper-cutting.

Obviously, the sewing community is not new to tech. There are new and improved machines being made yearly. However, the involvement of tech in cutting is one you probably didn’t predict. If you tried to predict, you might have guessed that it would come in the form of self-cutting scissors of some sort. Maybe it’ll still get there.

Nevertheless, many people are still skeptical about trying this method. Some have a feeling it might be a bit too technical, some find the expense of getting a projector not worth it, while others just like to stick with the good old ways. With testimonies and results of this working so well flying around, you need to be informed of how cool, efficient and productive this is. It’s pretty straightforward, instead of printing out the pattern, all you have to do is connect it to your projector, and boom, you have your lines and can begin cutting.

Why projector sewing?


The immediate economical advantages of projector sewing are that you do not need to print out the pattern, and also do not need to purchase pattern paper anymore, you can cut fabrics faster, and you can cut the same pattern on multiple fabrics. These will help save costs by bringing down those “little” things you purchase and print which tend to deduct from your profits when the job is done.

Another huge plus for projector sewing is the community. There are some large community on Facebook or other social platforms. They can be of assistance in case you have any more inquiries as to how to better put this technique in effect. In the communities, you can find useful ready-made setup and calibration guides, as well as other tips to help make your sewing easier. You also get to connect with other people who sew from around the world and share ideas and knowledge. All these are readily available, which is pretty awesome seeing as we don’t see many strong sewing communities nowadays, everyone is usually in their space working.

Lastly, the sum up of all these traits is the final result of making sewing easier. Once you can set up, save cost and reduce the amount of stress and dirt (cause those papers can be a bit annoying sometimes) you face, your all-round productivity would have been improved.


For those who aren’t so conversant with technology, there might be a little strain on the introduction to this method. Luckily, you don’t exactly need to go through a full-on crash course on how to figure it out, that’s where the community and resources would come in.

Another aspect is the expense that comes with getting a projector. The technique requires this basic investment, but this is an investment that you already know would pay off. You don’t have to begin with a big projector, there are lots of mini-projectors available which would do the work just fine. 

Now that you can see that the pros outweigh the cons while using Projectors for sewing, the question shouldn't be if you need a projector for sewing but rather, what type of projector you need

What type of projector should you get to make sewing easier?

Here's the tricky part. There are some things to consider before making the decision on the type of projector you should purchase. Which includes;

  • Affordability 
  • Space to mount your projector
  • Distance or height that can be provided between the projector and your workspace
  • Image quality. Especially if you would be doing a lot of cutting during the day
  • Connection properties (i.e. The devices that would contain the patterns which you would need to connect to the projector) etc.

There's also the possibility that you still have doubts about the method, so you don’t want to fully commit.

Different projectors tick different boxes. With all these variables put into consideration, to have a fairly all-round experience, for starters, a good suggestion is to first look to get mini-projectors.

Mini-projectors are more affordable and easier to mount on your ceilings. A few of them do not require any mounting whatsoever, as they can be placed on a higher support than your cutting table and still produce a clear and desirable image on your fabric. Due to their size, a lot of them have limited connection methods but you can still find some that have every necessary type and still produce great images

As stated earlier, the projectors are investments. If you are ready to make a complete switch and you have the money, you could get a normal size projector right away.


The projector sewing innovation should be openly welcomed by all people who sew. All signs point to how it saves time and helps make sewing easier, and that’s a big relief especially if you sew commercially and have a lot of clothes to cut and sew within a short time.

Make sure to do your own research using the specs of your workplace and other projector-related factors to purchase an appropriate projector for the work.

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