How to Clean Fingerprints Inside the Projector Lens?

avril 11, 2020

How to Clean Fingerprints Inside the Projector Lens?

In this blog, you will learn how to clean your projector lens in the right way, for people doing it wrong every day!

The normal idea that comes to your head is to clean it with the T-shirts you are wearing right now and maybe with your breath. This can cause serious damage to the projector lens and in most situations, you will need a new lens if you do so, which may cost you more than just use the right tools to clean them.

If you want to become this kind of person who does it the right way and enjoy their movies in HD quality, you can just take a look at all the information given in this post and find the best solution for your problems.

  • What instruments do you need to use to clean the projector lens?
  • What additional preparation you need to do, before starting the cleaning?
  • How to keep your lens safe, while cleaning them?
  • What is the easiest and fastest method, to clean your projector lens?
  • How the dirty lens changes the projector's image quality?
  • How to prevent the projector lens from getting dirty?
  • How often you need to clean your projector and what is the signal, of it is dirty?


1. What Tools Do We Need to Have While Cleaning Our Projector Lens?

  • Manual lens blower
  • Lens brushes
  • Can of compressed air
  • Alcohol-free lens wipes
  • Alcohol-free spray for lens
  • Microfiber towel

These are frequently used items when cleaning the projector lens.

2. What You Need to Do Before Cleaning the Fingerprints Inside The Projector Lens?

a) Turn off the projector and then unplug the cable, leaving the projector to cool down for a minimum of 40 minutes.

b) Take a box of compressed gas.

c) If you want a perfect cleaned lens, you will need a brush. So don‘t forget to take it.

d) A particular spray cleaner for a lens and a microfiber towel is particularly needed. If you don't have any of those, pop into a shop that is nearest to you and grab one. The incorrect product can only damage your lens.

3. How to Protect the Lens While Cleaning Them?

Don't use your old clothes or the T-shirt you are wearing at the moment, they will hurt the lens no matter how soft they are.

Replace the lens of your projector in some dry places and to remember: the dry place should not be not dusty or sandy.

Use only recommended products to clean lenses. Keep it in mind that if you use the wrong product, it will permanently damage the lens.

Last but not least, you must never use the following three kinds of products !!!

  • Never use alcohol or alcohol-based cleaners !!!
  • Never use cleaners that contain flammable gas!!!
  • Never use a glass cleaner !!!

All these mentioned above will leave an irreversible trace on the lens coating surface.

Don't use your breath to wipe the lens, because the acid that comes from the breath will leave a trace on the lens coating!

Be careful not to leave any fingerprints on the projector, just keep your fingers away from the lens. Since you don't want to start again, unnecessary cleaning raises the damage risk on lens coating.

Avoid touching the hair of the brush, otherwise, it will leave dirt and spread all over the lens the next time you use it. Besides, store your brush properly!

4. How to Clean the Projector Lens Quickly And Easily?

a) Move the projector to a snug position to make the cleaning easier.

b) Since each model has different details, you will need to turn to the projector's instructions to determine how to open the projector. You may need a screwdriver. Once you open it, the cleaning process can start.

c) Put the box of compressed gas in a standing position and spray the lens with short bursts. Distance should be too far away, make it like 3or4 inches so that you can remove the biggest traces of the fingerprints.

d) If you're using lens brushes to clean the lens, you should use it with gently round movements. This is the only way to be 100% sure the lens is perfectly clean. Please make sure the hair of the brush is clean enough before cleaning.

e) Put some spray cleaner on a dry microfiber towel and take away the last traces of dust and fingerprints, again gently move it in around. The round movement is the only way to clean your lens thoroughly. You must always use a small amount of the spray!!!

f) Now you can enjoy your favorite movies with the perfect quality images that you deserve, but If you haven't planned this for tonight just put the cap on the lens to protect them from getting dusty.

5. How the Dust And Fingerprints Change the Projector’s Image Quality?

The fingerprints make the standard worst altogether situations. Every time you put your finger accidentally on the projector lens you can see how much the quality drops. You need to be careful when opening the projector cover without touching the lens.

The dust could be a different story, it all depends on what projector we use (LCD or DlP)

For LCD Projectors

LCD (Liquid crystal display) projectors are the most frequently used under home conditions because they're cheap while the dirt doesn't affect the standard of the images too much. This is why this type of projector is perfect for family use.

The LCD projector has to be protected from collecting the trash in the vents. Otherwise it will stop the cooling system, which may cause a serious damage.

For DLP Projectors

DLP ( Digital light processing) projectors, however, are more popular in the cinema industry. The dust will easily affects on the projector when it is working, making the standard of images worse instantly. Thus, you need an extra protection for them.

6. How to Keep Our Project Lens Clean?

Use the projector cover, that's the simplest trick to prevent it from the dust. If you go out for a vacation for a little bit longer, you'll see how all of your electronics get dirty.

  • Don't touch the lens with bare fingers.
  • Keep your projectors away from AC. It gets dirty easily because AC can blow the dust straight to your projector.
  • The Cooler, an important part of your projector, has to be clear. It helps to cut back the temperature and it is also a reason why dust winds up inside your projector. Therefore, clean you cooler constantly with a microfiber tower anytime you see your vent gets dirty.
  • Place an air purifier nearby from your device, which is to prevent dust from reaching it. This is just an extra protection so that you don‘t have to clean your projector lens this often.

7. How Often We Need to Clean Our Projector Lens?

It depends. Clean the projector as soon as possible if you leave fingerprints on the lens. Just in case you don't want to watch your favorite movie through a blurred screen.

But don't be obsessed. The small amount of dust will not really stop you from enjoying your movies with high-quality images. So try not to clean your lens too much often unless it becomes necessary.

All in all, if you wonder when to clean the lens. Check the lens once you find out something wrong with the projected images, or you may find a blurry area on the lens where you might leave fingerprints on it. These are signs that the lens is getting dirty and you should manage to clean it. Furthermore, clean your projector lens once a month to make sure there is no dust accumulation.


More and more people start to use projectors not only for commercial use but for entertainment. It is important for them to do the daily cleaning, some of them may clean it in a wrong way with just a T-shirt or a breath. Don’t try to save money, go to the nearest shop and take the right tools to clean your lens. This will help you to boost your projector quality so that you can enjoy your favorite movies with your family and friends.


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