How to Make Your Living Room More Like a Theater?

novembre 28, 2019

How to Make Your Living Room More Like a Theater?

At a time when we have plenty of different types of visual displays at home such as televisions, smartphones, and tablets, it is always good to return to a larger and immersive screen for better viewing experience. One thing is sure, nothing can be more pleasant than watching a movie projected on a large screen or a wall while sharing the happiest moments with families or friends.

However, choosing a video projector that is adaptable and suitable for home theater still remains difficult. This article is therefore proposed to give you some useful advice and show you the qualities of a full HD video projector.

4 Main Features of Full HD Projectors

#1 Brightness

A full HD projector stands for high brightness. When buying a video projector for your home entertainment, it’s preferable to consider how much brightness you actually need for your living room or home theater. In daytime conditions, higher lumens are strongly recommended because too bright a room can heavily impact the image quality and wash out everything you see on the screen. For rooms with dim light, there is not much restriction on the brightness, 1,000 to 2,000 lumens can meet your satisfaction for bright and clear images.

#2 Contrast

Contrast is an important feature of a video projector and must be taken into account before you purchase. You need to find out what video projector is best depending on the distance to the wall on which the image is projected. The contrast depends on the brightness of the image. If the contrast is too high, the colors will be poorly rendered. With a low contrast, you will not see properly the image or the details. Be sure to make the necessary adjustments according to the brightness of the room.

#3 Resolution

Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the better the image quality, and the more the projector will cost. Higher resolutions can display more detail in the picture and can reduce or eliminate the visibility of the pixel structure. Both of these are highly desirable in good home theater. The native 1080p resolution projectors are most recommended for home theater, as they are affordable to most projector users.

#4 Noise

Projectors make more noise than TV. This is due to the ventilation that cooled the device. To reduce noise, a cool place is needed. Don’t put your projector in the sun and keep it away from any object that will impact optimal ventilation. By doing this, the cooling system makes less noise and the projector will not be overheated. The less noise from the video projector, the more you can enjoy the sound of your movie or whatever.

Advantages of a Full HD Video Projector

Video projector has a major advantage over TV: the feeling of truly experiencing the film or being only a few meters from the actors or a football match, for example. In this way, you can transform your living room into a movie theater to enjoy with your family or friends! You can also enjoy your life-size video games.

Get a Breathtaking Picture with a Full HD Video Projector

A full HD video projector with a native 1080p resolution is recommended for home theater. If you have such a model, it will enhance your movie experience delivering exceptional image quality, natural and calibrated colors, incomparable fluidity of image so you can fully enjoy your movie.

How to Choose a Full HD Video Projector?

Certain options and functions must be carefully chosen in order to have an image of irreproachable quality, and this is particularly important for the display of the video projector. The compensation of movement, the contrast, the brightness, the lens shift or the keystone correction.

The current models are very practical and are no bigger than an internet box, easy to fix on the wall or to put on a piece of furniture. You just need to bring a blank canvas to expose your screen or a white surface such as a piece of the wall will do. You can adjust the size of the image according to your preference. You will find both models plugging into the sector and wireless connecting to Wi-Fi You can also watch your TV channels to follow your favorite series.

How to Create a Feeling of Immersion for Home Cinema?

Now that you have a projector that gives you a picture like in the cinema, but you're not feeling immersive? At the cinema, you enjoy not only an image size XXL in excellent resolution but also an additional element, the SOUND!

Without good sound quality, your private movie theater will seem bland and incomplete. Did you try to use the speakers of your projector? Well, it's not great to stay correct. Between the noise of the fans and the limited power, it is useless for an immersive ambiance.

To go to the next level and complete your private installation, you need a soundbar or a powerful home cinema! If you run out of space, or if you want to avoid cables lying on the ground, the soundbar is the type of equipment you need. If you have the ability to hide the wires and position the speakers in exactly the right place, then the home cinema is the must.

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