How to Setup Vankyo 3W projector screen-mirroring?

juillet 08, 2020

How to Setup Vankyo 3W projector screen-mirroring?

Screen-mirroring becomes an incredibly versatile feature that has been integrated into most modern media devices. It allows us to integrate our smartphones with our TV screens and computer monitors in a seamless way. If you use projectors at home, you’ll realize that there are plenty of screen-mirroring compatible projectors available. They allow you to project media from your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC into your projector easily.

The Vankyo 3W mini projector is one of the best portable projectors that excels with its HD streaming, lightweight size, ease of use, and screen mirroring features. In this article, we will see how to set up and use screen-mirroring on your Vankyo 3W projector. We will learn about screen-mirroring along with its different applications, and what to do in case the integration is complicated.

Vankyo 3W Projector: Mini Review

The Vankyo 3W mini projector is one of the latest additions to the Vankyo lineup of high-quality and affordable projectors. It is a portable machine that is fine-tuned for compatibility and connectivity. The projector is able to project high-quality 1080p images into any flat surface, using an optimum projection screen of 33’’ or 176’’ at a distance of 3 to 18 feet. It makes a perfect addition to any home entertainment system, lending a cinematic experience to both environments beautifully.

Integrated Screen-Mirroring Features and Compatibility

With its integrated connectivity features, the Vankyo 3W projector supports both wired and wireless screen-mirroring functions. It can connect to your home network via wifi, and allows for easy integration with almost any streaming device. Using an HDMI cable or a converter will also enable you to use the screen-mirroring functions. We have compiled a list of some of its compatible devices:

  • TV stick or smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • TF cards
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Xbox


The Vankyo 3W mini projector is an incredibly versatile machine. It has built-in noise reduction and cooling systems, which help the projector to run at maximum performance for longer, and at a lower volume. It is also lightweight and highly adaptable to most home environments. With its integrated LED video projection technology, the Vankyo 3W can accurately project most high-quality media, as well as mirror your workstation screen using its screen-mirroring functionality.

What is Screen-Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a feature that integrates all the modern devices of your home into a fully shared and connected system. The feature uses wifi or wired connection to establish a linked communication channel between 2 or more media compatible devices. Screen-mirroring’s most common use is that of smartphone and home TV pairing, as it enables you to easily switch that youtube video from your small phone screen into a widescreen TV with the press of a few buttons.

Wired Screen-Mirroring

Wired screen-mirroring has been around for a longer time than its wireless iteration. As its name suggests, wired screen-mirroring can only be achieved through the use of a cable. Sometimes converters are necessary to be able to achieve compatibility between devices. HDMI is the most common wired connection that is used due to its high-quality audio and video streaming characteristics.

The Vankyo 3W projector has a wide variety of ports available for wired screen mirroring. As a matter of fact, this is one of its most appreciable features. The projector is compatible with USB, HDMI, and SD cards. The HDMI port allows the Vankyo 3W projector to use wired screen-mirroring with any HDMI compatible streaming source, be it a laptop, PC, and converted tablets or smartphones with their proper accessories.

Wireless Screen-Mirroring

Wireless screen-mirroring is one of the most modern features of most media streaming devices through the use of a wifi connection. In this way, you can link all of your personal devices with your home network to share all the features that are available. The following are some of the devices that can stream most media through screen-mirroring:

  • Smart TVs
  • TV boxes with wifi
  • PC’s
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Projectors

The Vankyo 3W main feature is the wifi connectivity, which enables the projector to be connected to your home network so that you are able to use the screen mirroring functions with any devices at hand.


Compatibility is very important when it comes to screen-mirroring. Not all devices are able to work with one another, even if they both support screen-mirroring. It is best to use devices that are explicitly labeled as compatible with almost any of the major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. 

The Vankyo 3W projector is one of the most open-sourced wifi projectors, as it is compatible with almost any device. Make sure to use apps or software that support screen-mirroring, as trying to force your apps to work without the stated function being fully integrated may cause some issues.

How to Setup Screen-Mirroring with The Vankyo 3W Projector?

It is a very simple process to set up the Vankyo 3W projector to use the screen mirroring function. You need to have your projector plugged in and get it power on, make sure your projector functions properly as well. Next, you need to get these things ready: a HDMI cable, the necessary accessories with your compatible streaming device (HDMI converters for smartphones), and your streaming device itself, either a smartphone or a computer. If you plan to use screen-mirroring through wifi, make sure your wifi goes smoothly. Once all things are set, you can follow the below steps:

  • For wireless use, connect both your streaming device and your Vankyo 3W projector to the home wifi network.
  • Pair the streaming device with the projector using either a wired or wireless connection.
  • Make sure you have a screen-mirroring app or software installed and get them ready.
  • Apps like YouTube or other apps are ready for you to stream once screen-mirroring is set.
  • Check if the screen-mirroring works properly.

What to Do If You Can’t Set Up Screen Mirroring on Vankyo 3w Projector?

Sometimes, some unexpected issues may happen even after a proper setup is made for screen-mirroring at home. Most of these tend to be the issues of compatibility, but if you are confident about the compatible nature of both your devices, you can follow below which can help alleviate any issues.

1. Contact Customer Support

Always contact customer support if you think the issue is hard to fix or it is unrecognizable. Vankyo offers exceptional customer support with professionals who are willing to help you at any step of your support process. If your warranty is active, you can always get a replacement for your projector or its components.

2. Check the Wifi Connection

Always check that if your wifi works properly. Sometimes an unstable wifi connection may cause issues with screen-mirroring utilities. We suggest running some stability tests of your home network by using an app or software like Netlimiter. We also recommend you to check if the Vankyo 3W projector is connected to the internet properly, for this, you can simply go to the settings of your devices and re-connect them to the network.

3. Check the Wired Converter or HDMI Cable

Sometimes the HDMI cable or its converter can be the source of the problem. In order to achieve some level of certainty, we recommend you to run some tests with your HDMI cable and converter by plugging them into other devices other than your projector.

If you realize the converter or the HDMI cable is the source of the problem, a simple replacement is all you need to do in order to continue enjoying your Vankyo 3W projector screen mirroring features. If the HDMI port of your Vankyo projector does not seem to work properly, we advise you to contact customer support for repairs.

4. Watch Out for Overheating

Overheating is one of the most common problem generators with any powered device that in use. Make sure your Vankyo 3W projector is in a well-ventilated place, and check if the fan is running properly. We recommend shutting down the projector when it is not in use. This is to avoid any possible issues due to overheating.


Screen mirroring is very practical and comfortable for you to create a seamless and interconnected system at your home. The ability to easily stream your media through other devices at the press of a few buttons will save you an enormous amount of time, allowing you to enjoy the latest media on a Vankyo 3W projector.

In this article, we have looked at the best way to set up your Vankyo 3W projector screen-mirroring functionalities. We also have learned about screen-mirroring with its different applications, and what to do if your setup isn’t working properly. Moreover, we have pointed at Vankyo 3W projector itself, being a modern and highly-compatible device, with 1080p resolutions and an internet connection, which makes it an excellent choice for you to enjoy all your media.

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