Performance V610 Full HD Home Theater Projector Has been Released

avril 06, 2020

Performance V610 Full HD Home Theater Projector Has been Released

Introduce Performance V610 Full HD Home Theater Projector

Projectorprojectors, VANKYO Performance V610, which is a Full HD projector that seeks to provide an excellent movie experience. It provides movie projection services, and it is easy and comfortable to use.

The Vankyo Performance V610 video projector adopts an LCD matrix display capable of delivering stunning and bright images thanks to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With several connectors allowing you to connect a multitude of external devices such as a Chromecast, a Fire TV stick, a DVD player, smartphones, PC, and laptops. It provides a beautiful, crisp and clear image generated by the 6,000 lux of its light source. Whether you want to display texts, charts or any presentation, V610 can always meet your needs.

The 4D keystone function ensures you to get an adequate image shape from both vertical and horizontal direction. Meanwhile, this projector supports corner adjustment. You can press the OK button on the remote to select the corner and adjust the image shape accordingly.

In addition, Performance V610 comes with a versatile design and has wide compatibility with different types of formats, whether text, audio or video. Watching a game with this device is a real feast for the eyes and ears, thanks to its two integrated 5W stereo speakers. It is ideal for your games, your favorite shows, your family movies as well as other media content on the big screen.


Display Technology : LCD

Light Source : LED

Resolution : Native 1920 x 1080 

Input Signal : 576i/576p/720i/720P/1080i/1080P

Installation Type: Front/Rear/Ceiling

Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto

Focus: Manual

Vertical/Horizontal Digital Keystone: ±40°

Speaker: 5W/4ohm x 2

Power Supply: AC 100-240V

Unit Dimension: 325 x 278 x 118mm (12.8 x 10.9 x 4.6 inch)

Weight: 3.1kg (6.82lb)

Now check the price on its description page and find more surprises!

Performance V610 Full HD Home Theater Projector

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