VANKYO Launches New 1080P FULL HD Livehouse Performance V700W Projector with Dual 5W Dolby Audio Speakers and Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

novembre 08, 2022

The V700W offers excellent audio-visual effects for binge watchers and livehouse aficionados who enjoy having the cinematic experience in the comfort of their homes.



Do you have friends who spend a whole lot of money at the cinema? Or maybe you are the one stopping to catch a movie every evening at the nearest cinema?

What if you could catch all the movies you wanted with that extra home theater experience all from the comfort of your home? It would be great right?


Well, Vankyo just made it a whole lot easier.


In this article, we will discuss the newly launched Vankyo Performance V700W projector, its features and why it's the best projector for home theater.

Vankyo, one of the leading brands that makes smart projectors, announced a new 1080p full HD performance V700W projector available with 5.1 bidirectional bluetooth, versatile connectivity options, intelligent environment adaptation and immersive sound experience.


As a true high performance projector, the V700W features two powerful 5W speakers that are designed to provide a 360 panoramic view of your surroundings. They are equipped with advanced surround sound technology and are supported by Dolby Digital Plus speakers that allow you to experience all the different sounds including the rumbles and the trebles like never before.


In addition to having a powerful built-in speaker, the V700W is equipped with built-in Bluetooth 5.1 wireless audio transmission technology, which can be connected to the projector via an external mobile device Bluetooth speaker or headset; Or connect the projector through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, that is, the projector can become the Bluetooth speaker matched with the mobile phone.


With the built-in Wi-Fi wireless technology, you can easily access the internet and stream content from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to the V700W. In addition, the V700W also supports advanced networking technology that allows you to share your multimedia files over your home network.


What's more, you can also control the volume of the speakers using the remote control. And if you have a compatible smart TV, you can just as easily use the V700W as a universal AV receiver and enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your big screen TV.


Now, I'm sure you're wondering. Isn’t binge watching dangerous?  


The truth? Yes.


Getting too much of the latest TV shows can affect your eyes. However, with the help of the Vankyo Performance V700W projector, you can enjoy a healthy and safe experience without having to cut back your movie time. The LED lights used by Vankyo are produced with low blue light emissions and have optimal color performance that ensures you and your family are protected from eye strain.


In addition, in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, the Vankyo V700W is crafted with packaging materials made from sustainable materials. Some of these include soy ink, which is derived from a plant, and a molded fiber pulp tray. These materials help reduce the company's carbon emissions by around 564.5 grams.


Powered by Vankyo’s proprietary CinematicColor technology, the new V700W projector delivers high-quality images in a variety of colors and settings. Its innovations are designed to deliver exceptional performance and are built on the company's professional dedication to detail. Some of these include ANSI lumens of brightness, which allow users to enjoy remarkable clarity and a sense of vibrancy that transforms your space into a private cinema.


What’s more, it's quite flexible in its architecture. Therefore, if you don't like the idea of being tied down to just watching in the living room, you'll enjoy the V700W.  With its front, rear, and ceiling displays, you can set up your theater just how you like it.


The Performance V700W has one unique feature that sets it apart from other LCD class projectors: it has a motorized focus function. LCD-type projectors rarely use motorized focus. Most projectors usually have non-motorized autofocus, that is, manual focus, which is usually used after manual adjustment is used to determine the distance.



What's in the box: 11.4x8.7x3.7inch V700W projector, a matching remote controller, 120inch portable screen, HDMI cable, power cable and a user manual to help you figure things out if you run into problems .





The V700W projector is priced at $299 from the company's website. Its price-to-featured list is a bargain, and the company provides a 3-year warranty. With the addition of the V700W, Vankyo was able to take on the market with the best bang for the buck

Learn more about the V700W Performance Projector here



Whether you want to enjoy a quiet night at home or enjoy having a full on livehouse experience, the V700W is the best home theater projector for all your needs. And the best thing is, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one of these.

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