What Is Vankyo Dolby Projector?

juin 06, 2022

What Is Vankyo Dolby Projector?

Most of us prefer spending a typical Sunday holiday out streaming movies. We enjoy the thrilling experience of local cinema. 

From the iconic movie trailers to adverts of car engines resuscitating at 100mph, you feel a sense of satisfaction as you realize you’re enjoying what you paid for.  

But let’s face it: Nothing beats the charm of curling up on your couch and streaming your favorite Netflix season. However, the only downside is that your home TV lacks the “cinema feel.”

Well, not anymore with the new VANKYO Leisure 495 movie projector. Don’t mistake it for your ordinary 1080 FHD projectors - it's more than that. 

Read on and see for yourself!

What is Dolby Audio? 

Dolby audio refers to a 2D audio technology that makes ultra-fine improvements to whatever you’re watching - be it a concert or sports event - making the sound automatically better. 

It adds subtle details to the dialogue, enabling an enhanced hearing experience. The audio also adjusts the volume as you switch between channels or when there’s a cut scene. As such, you won’t experience jumping from extreme highs to lows.  

VANKYO Dolby projector has been gaining traction recently because it features the most sought-after Dolby audio in cooperation with Dolby Lab. It’s your home cinema, your entertainment hub, and more!

The Vankyo Dolby Projector 

Gone are the days when you could enjoy movies only at the theatre. The Dolby projector takes your movie experience to the next level with advanced functionalities and premium features. 

While you may find numerous portable projectors like the Fangor on the market, it doesn’t include Dolby audio, unlike VANKYO Dolby Projector. Gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers seek the Dolby effect for an elevated entertainment experience. 

For this reason alone, we introduced the Dolby audio into the new VANKYO projector. 

The Dolby decoding enables high-definition audio playback similar to the one generated in a recording studio or heard at a live concert. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it modifies your living room and turns it into a private screening room. 


The Dolby audio projector offers a lot, from impeccable multimedia experience to epic Dolby audio. A quick look into its features will explain more. 

Impeccable Dolby Audio 

Installing speakers with a projector you just bought rarely gives you the cinematic experience. However, Dolby features an audio compression technology meant for vast and huge rooms. 

So, when you play a movie, you literally feel like you’re stepping into the filmmaker's world.

WiFi Bluetooth 

The trend of wires is long gone, and we all prefer a wireless connection for our convenience and comfort. 

The Leisure 495 movie projector features wifi and Bluetooth. It supports 2.4G/5GHz dual-band Wifi and Bluetooth 5.1, offering a seamless and quick wire-free connection. 

You can connect the device to your home Wi-Fi, listen to songs, stream movies, and enjoy the TV shows you typically watch on your small-sized phone screen. 

Besides, it also offers Bluetooth device connections, unleashing more sound potential. You can wirelessly connect your headphones and speakers and enjoy a boosted sound effect. 


Design is perhaps the first thing buyers notice when purchasing a projector. Fortunately, the Dolby projector features a modern and practical design. 

The lightweight and compact device allow you to quickly move it from one place to another, unlike heavy projectors that are challenging to lift. 

Besides, it has a built-in cooling noise-canceling system, making it the quietest LCD projector. So, you get portability packed with tranquility. 

Cinema Experience

The Leisure 495 movie projector outshines your traditional 1080P FHD LCD projectors, thanks to its HiFi stereo speakers, Dolby sound, and brighter image quality. 

With a 1000:1 contrast ratio, you enjoy rich colors and a unique experience that connects you deeply with the story. In fact, it breathes life into the movies you stream. 

The Dolby projector gives you brighter, sharper, and crisper images - way better than the contrast ratio of a traditional projector. The truly incredible high dynamic contrast displays accurate colors, unlocking the emotional depth of every movie you watch. 

You see the subtle details of the characters, from the wrinkles on a character’s face to the thread on their T-shirt - it makes you feel like you’re standing right beside the character. 

We’re all familiar with the ultra-fine details of films we stream at a theatre. The Dolby projector offers just that. 

Long-Lasting Projector and Eyecare

The VANKYO Dolby projector is engineered with a high-quality life source and offers up to 30,000 hours of life expectancy. The extended lifespan is a plus as it allows you to use the projector for the next ten years without changing the lamp. 

Beyond that, the VANKYO also takes care of your vision by providing a safe viewing experience. It features reduced blue light and diffused imaging for better eye protection. 

However, that does not indicate it compromises the image quality. 

In fact, it enhances the image quality and provides complimentary features for a better yet safer cinematic experience.  

Outstanding Multimedia 

The fantastic multimedia of the VANKYO Dolby projector levels up your streaming experience. 

You can watch movies and TV shows and listen to your favorite songs from the comfort of your room. 

Whether you prefer Netflix, Peacock, Disney++, or Amazon Prime as your entertainment channel, you have all the options available to pick from. 


Versatility is another focus of VANKYO. The traditional projectors offer connectivity, but it is limited to a few devices. The Dolby projector, on the flip side, allows you to connect multiple devices. 

So, you don’t need to worry if you downloaded a movie on your small-screened phone the other day; you can connect it to the projector and enjoy the film on a wider, brighter display.

Here’s what you can attach to the projector and enjoy a stable connection. 

  • iPad 
  • Laptop 
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Phone 
  • Micro USB card
  • USB stick 

So, the choices are endless, and you’ll find your ideal option on the list. 


VANKYO Dolby projector features elegant and sleek contrast of white and black. The lens module is mounted on the front panel. Besides, two vents on the side panels improve heat transfer, which is a plus.

You can adjust the focus with a silver-colored knob situated on the side. The projector maintains its appearance by featuring interfaces and shortcut buttons on the back panel.  

Overall, its compact style, color contrast, and futuristic design make it well-liked among consumers. 

Exclusive Authentification of Dolby Audio 

The applications engineer at Dolby Labs Licensing Corporation officially approved the Dolby Leisure 495 movie projector on April 29, 2021. 

The VANKYO Leisure features Dolby digital decoders that reduce the amount of data required to generate high-quality sound. Instead, it benefits from the way the human ear processes sound. 

When coding noise is near the audio signal frequency, the audio signals cover the noise. Consequently, human ears only listen to the intended audio signal. It reduces, masks, and eliminates the noise. 

Besides, it also gives 5 full-bandwidth channels, surround right, surrounds left, center, front right, and front left - offering impeccable surround sound quality. 

The official approval speaks volumes about the success of our new Dolby audio. We prefer keeping things transparent to boost our credibility as a company. 

The VANKYO aims to include better and latest specifications in its projectors to give consumers what they deserve. 

What Does the Dolby Audio Effect Offer?

It all began with the Batman Returns in 1992. It was the first movie that used Dolby audio, and soon it became a distinguished and sought-after feature.   

The Dolby audio effect provides customers with precisely what they need. It aims to give viewers the sound experience as close to the original as possible. 

The compression technology is designed for giant rooms, and the speaker quality is meant to provide streaming pleasure at home. 

The Dolby audio features the latest technologies to create a dynamic sound experience, connecting you to the characters in the display. 

Besides, you can take this listening experience beyond the screen. Simply put, it offers a virtual surround sound experience through earphones. 

Viewers feel as if they were in the middle of the battle scene, which enriches the entire experience. 

Dolby Projector VS Ordinary 1080 FHD Projectors 

Dolby has been the talk of the town since its release. People into movies and entertainment wonder how it differs from ordinary projectors and what it has to offer to elevate their enjoyment. 

To begin with, the traditional 1080 FHD projectors use outdated technology, no longer appreciated by the customers. 

The Dolby, on the other hand, is built keeping the future in mind. It introduces futuristic features and the latest technology to upgrade the consumer experience. 

While the former offers decent-quality images, the latter provides clearer image quality. Who wouldn’t want a better, brighter screen display? 

What’s more, the ordinary projectors lack graphic detailing, unlike the Dolby, which provides excellent graphic details. 

You’ll also notice that the standard projects offer minimal zooming and focusing, but the Dolby gives a wider screen with a better potential for focusing and zooming.  

Wrap Up

Portable projectors are on the rise, and entertainment enthusiasts are increasingly turning to them. They can project wall-sized video content from your small phone display, making them more exciting than televisions. 

While we’re not new to the projectors and their features, it is always great to know about the latest and most distinctive products in the category. 

The VANKYO Leisure 495 movie projector competes with high-end projectors with its build-in quality, incredible features, and Dolby audio. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it your “Home Theater Projector” because a theatre-like experience is what it offers.

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