What to Do if the Home Projector Fails to Turn On?

juin 09, 2020

What to Do if the Home Projector Fails to Turn On?

Have you ever attended a presentation where there were project issues? Or worse: have you ever had to present and the project just won’t turn on? The use of projectors in offices and educational institutions is quite common. Audio-visual aids have been touted as a game-changer in the field of teaching as they allow students to visualize what they are being taught easily. Projectors' malfunctions are a common sight. These malfunctions can severely hamper the flow presentations and let frustration set in the audience. To avoid delays and inconvenience, you should be familiar with the common malfunctions occurring and ways to troubleshoot them.

These quick fixes and simple troubleshooting tips will not only let the lectures continue seamlessly but also aid in the offices that rely on these projectors for their daily briefings and internet meetings. Just like in the classrooms, these meeting places require unimpeded working of these projectors. So, if your projector fails to Turn On, it is prudent to know the common malfunctioning areas and how to resolve them.

Here are the most common malfunctions and steps to resolve them in case your projector fails to Turn On.

11 Common Reasons and Solutions if Projector Fails to Turn On

1. Check for Projector Power Cord

As with most electric appliances, you should start with the most basic step that is the power situation of the projector. Check that the power cord leading from the projector to the socket is securely connected and not loose at either end. After making sure that the cables are tightly held at both sides, turn on the projector.

To check whether the projector has life, after turning the power on making sure the fan is working. This is the most basic and simplest way of knowing whether the projector is working as the fan makes a discernible humming noise.

2. Make Sure the Batteries are Working

If you are using a remote control to turn on the projector and the projector fails to Turn On, you may need to check the batteries in your remote-control set. Wearing out of the batteries is a common occurrence.

To check whether it is indeed the batteries in your remote control that are malfunctioning, remove the batteries from the remote control. Taking the batteries out and buffing them against a rough surface, waiting for the batteries to get warm. Check the remote control with the warmed-up batteries and whether the projector turns on. If it doesn’t, it means the batteries need to be replaced.

3. Check Whether Your Projector Lamp Is Working

After making sure the power is turned on and the cables are secure, you need to check whether the lamp is working or not. The lamp is the most fundamental component of the projector by which the projector can project images onto a screen.

Lamps have a fixed life and most lamps will vary in this parameter depending on their build-quality. Checking the projector manual should be the first step to determine whether the bulb life of the projector has been surpassed. If this is the case, replace your projector lamp with a new one. Most projectors do have an LED indicator that lets you know about the lamp’s failure.

4. Check Whether Your Projector is Overheated

Once you are sure that all the basic checks are done, it is time to detect whether the projector has overheated or not. Mostly, when the projector gets heated, its fail-safe kicks in and it shuts off automatically. You can consult the projector manual to check which LED indicator - if flashing - indicates an overheated projector.

Most modern projectors possess this functionality, which avoids the lamp from getting overheat and burn. Furthermore, you should ensure that the air is filtered properly and that the filters inside the projector are cleaned. Also, ensure that the projector is placed on a hard surface and the air vents are not blocked.

5. Check Whether the Temp Light is On

The temp light on the projector tells you about whether the projector is getting overheated or not. The LED indicator usually turns orange or red to show this change. If this is the case, you should quickly turn off the projector and save it from further deterioration.

Furthermore, make sure that the air vents are clear and the air is filtered properly out of the fan. This will ensure that the cooling system is working properly. The projector must be placed on a hard surface so that the air vents can be supplied with enough air to cool the projector down.

6. Your Projector Lamp May Have Entered Sleep Mode

Just like your laptops and smart electronic devices, projectors have a standby mode, which is usually presented to preserve energy as most appliances are required to have this option. It is believed that the problem stands in the projector not turned on, however, the fact of the matter normally is that it has entered into sleep mode.

Most projectors have a time setting where you can adjust the sleep timer. This leads the projector to standby mode after a certain amount of time that you set. However, you may have to manually turn on the projector afterward.

7. A/V Signal May be Restricted

This is a very common problem. You might have left the system inactive for such a long time that it has shut down on its own due to A/V signal disconnection. Any sort of automatic software update or a system restart can be the reason of why the projector is out of sync to other sources. To resolve this, you need to see if both the A/V source and destination are turned on. After that, switch it into a different A/V source. For instance, if a laptop is a source, plugging out and switching to a DVD might be a good idea. Wait for some time, and then switch back to the laptop. If the problem persists, shut down and restart both systems.

8. Check Whether All Projector Latches are Properly Closed

For any machinery to work efficiently, it needs to be physically up-to-date. In terms of projectors, losing hinges or improperly connected latches could badly affect its working. A lot of times while handling these items, the rotating heads, latches, cables, etc. could lose their place and you wouldn’t even know about it. Often the fault is unnoticeable by the naked eye which might have significant effects.

Simply check all the cables and parts of the projector that are movable. If any of them feels out of place to you, fix them firmly in their respective slot. Dislocating and locating back could also help in resolving this issue.

9. Check Whether the Projector Power Button is Locked

Another common problem results in the failure Turn On of the projector is that the power button is in lock mode. There are several reasons why people prefer to keep the power button locked. They don’t want their kids to access the projector or anyone else for that matter. People tend to forget that they have locked the power button and only realize it when they have to use it.

To unlock the power button, all you have to do is to press and hold it for 3-7 seconds. The duration may vary due to different manufacturers. Some might request you to hold down the power and menu buttons together to unlock the projector.

10. Unplug Power Cord and Plug the Projector Again

It is the simplest yet the most impactful solution. Simply unplug the power cable from the electric supply, wait for a few seconds, and plug it back in. Chances are the projector starts to work if there isn’t any other underlying power or hardware issue. It works best in scenarios where the power cord is loosely connected, or the switch pins are not hitting the right slots in the socket. The problem could be from either (i.e. the projectors or the source/destination A/V).

11. Contact IT for Help

Solutions stated above work only if the issues that the projector has not some big hardware or power failures. Nonetheless, if all of them are not applicable, the last resort is to call for professional help. There could be an internal defect hindering its underlying mechanisms, so it is better to contact the relevant customer service or talk to an IT specialist.
Mishandling the projector could lead to some serious defects or damages, so it’s better not to try complicated remedies yourself. If the warranty of the item is still valid, it will be repaired or replaced without any cost.

Final Thoughts

Projectors tend to be a necessity in today’s digital age and the trend of using traditional white/blackboards has become obsolete. We hope this guide has extensively elaborated on all the possible reasons why your projector fails to turn on. Apart from that, we have also provided solutions respectively. It’s not necessary that the device needs to be taken to a repair shop once it has some serious underlying malfunction. Following a few simple steps above should save more time. Do remember that not to disrupt any tiny pieces of the projector when dealing with the internal mechanics of the hardware, as it will damage the device.

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