We Care Our Planet!

Why Recycle

Electronics, such as televisions, computers, and computer monitors, contain toxic substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, lithium, brominated flame retardants, phosphorous coatings, and PVC plastics. When thrown away these devices can release their toxics, posing a threat to human health and the environment.

How to Recycle

We Provide Our Tablet Customers Free Shipping and packaging Mail-In Program.
  1. Customer will need to notify VANKYO Tablet products by either calling our toll-free number 833-382-6867or emailing support@ivankyo.com to request the recycling service.
  2. Customer will need to provide the following:
    • Description and Serial number (or online order number) of the device to be recycled 
    • Valid email address
    • Valid shipping address 
  3. Customer will receive a free prepaid shipping label in a provided shipping box to the customer provided address. Customer may affix the shipping label to the provided shipping box, insert your device, and ship to us for environmentally compliant recycling.

We will not dispose of covered devices in landfills or transfer covered devices to computer equipment recycling facilities that dispose of covered devices in landfills other than necessary incidental disposal in de minimis amounts. 


You are responsible for all confidential data that may be stored on the Device. Before you ship any Device for recycling, you are responsible for:

(a) deleting the data on the Device;

(b) backing up or transferring any data prior to deletion;

(c) removing any removable media, such as memory cards, etc.

As each Device is different, for removing data on the Device, please contact us by emailing support@ivankyo.com.  By following the instructions provided to ensure data is removed from the Device prior to returning for recycling will protect your personal data.

Neither vankyo Products nor any third party (including shipping service) will accept liability for lost data or software or dissemination of confidential information.