VANKYO x Wenjing.YANG Limited-Edition Canva Bags with Stylish Design, Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags for men and women, Large Capacity, 4 Different Editions

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VANKYO x Wenjing Yang

VANKYO x Wenjing Yang

We invited the young artist Wenjing Yang to create two illustration for the concept of Green Life.
Wenjing Yang is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in illustration. Through her art, she brings people to engage with her observations of the world and presents a unique perspective that is rendered with her distinctive style.

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In these stunning graphics, each segment is remiscent of the image of a projection, showing the details of the trees and illustrating our connection to the environment. We hope to present VANKYO’s concept of Green Life to our users in a fun and creative way, while also calling on them to join us in protecting the planet that we all share.

Remember and honor.

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