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Plant 5 Trees

From 23th September to 31th December, with Ecologi, Vankyo will help you to plant 5 trees when you spent 100 dolloars on a single order.
Let's work together to make effort to our plants for a better green life.

Vankyo not only provides high-quality products for consumers to enjoy the home life, but also advocates a concept of Green Life to protect our planet.
From this, we cooperate with Ecologi to plant trees all over the world. We try our best to take on climate crisis and sustainable development.

Daily Attendance to Win Vankyo Projectors

Every month we will choose the top 3 from the participants (depending on the watering records) to give away Vankyo projectors. At the end of the time, the 2 ultimate winners will be chosen to give extra suriprises.

Times of Watering: 3

Official Rules
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Shop Our Products

Whatever you buy at our website, 5 trees will be donated for every 100 dollars spent on a single order.

VANKYO Performance V700W Dolby Livehouse Projector


VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector


VANKYO Performance V630W Native 1080P Projector


VANKYO MatrixPad S20 Android Tablet


VANKYO Performance V700W Dolby Livehouse Projector


VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector


VANKYO Performance V630W Native 1080P Projector


VANKYO MatrixPad S20 Android Tablet


Vankyo X Wenjing.Yang


We specially invited the young artist, Wenjing.Yang, to create two illustrations with the topic of Green Life.
She was graduated from School of Visual Arts with BFA in Illustration. Through her works, she can engage with her observation about the world and render it in her way.

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it is just like “graphic visual representation of information”. In the illustrations, each part of the structure is equivalent to a image of projection, showing the details of the trees. We hope to present the concept of Vankyo Green Life to our users in a fun and creative way, while also calling on them to join us in protecting the planet we live on.

Green Life, Together with Vankyo

As a mass-market home electronic appliances brand, Vankyo propose a green lifestyle that integrates the original intentions of users' physical and mental health, environmental protection applications and sustainability into the process of brand development. There is more to be done than what we had done.

Eye Care

develop anti-blue light products which are softer and healthier to your eyes to reduce the damage.

Eco Packaging Materials

Use eco materials, such as soy ink (a plant-based ink derived from soybeans), and reduce the use of plastic materials, to protect the environment.

Donate to Plant Trees

We promise to donate trees to environmental organizations for each Vankyo projector purchased.

Official Rules:

1. The campaign will begin at 0:00 AM EST on Septmber 23th, 2022, and end at 23:59 PM EST on December 31th, 2022.

2. All participants must be sign in to take part in the game. If you don't have an account, you must to register first.

3. There will be 3 free chances to water everyday after signing in, and there are 3 extra chances if you share the campaign to social media. That is, there are 6 chances to water totally everyday. It will be reseted for the new day.

4. Every month, we will choose 3 winners from the participants. The criteria is the quantity of watering. At the begining of next month, we will count and announce the winners. And, we will also choose 2 ultimate winners at the end of the campaign (After 23:59 PM EST on December 31th, 2022). As the gainers of the highest honor, 2 of luckers will get the final surprises.

5. We will be glad to invite users to take part in this campaign and share it to your social media, but will object these who try to win the prize by underhand. If potential winner fails to respond or is determined to be ineligible, the corresponding prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner.

6. The prizes is included but not limited with Vankyo projectors, limited and others. We will choose the prizes depending on the conditions. We will announce the exact prize when EDM to winners.

7. We will announce the winners via

8. Vankyo reserves the rights to interpret this campaign.

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