Top 10 Advantages of 1080p Full HD Projectors

January 23, 2020

Top 10 Advantages of 1080p Full HD Projectors

A few decades ago, the only way to watch large-sized video was to go to the cinemas or to spend obscene amounts of TV panels. Today that is no longer the case. With the rise of high-quality projectors, it is now easy to replicate the cinema experience whenever you want it.

Projectors are more affordable today than they have ever been. However, it is still easy to make the wrong choices when picking out projector models for your specific needs. The brightness level of the projector (measured in Lumens) is a common metric used when shopping, but it is not enough.

The resolution of the projector will determine the quality of the viewing experience. The two popular resolution options for projectors are 720p (1280×720) and 1080p (1920×1080).  As you have probably deduced from the numbers, 1080p is the more powerful resolution. 1080p projectors create crisper, smoother and more detailed images.

10 Advantages of a 1080p Full HD Projectors

Here are more reasons why you should choose a 1080p Full HD projector for your home or business needs.

1. Deeper Colours

1080p projectors deliver deeper and more vivid colors. They incorporate a wide range of hues to ensure there is no “bleeding” at the edges.  With the vibrant colors, the viewing experience is the same regardless of your sitting position or distance from the screen.

2. Sharper Detail and Enhanced Clarity

The average 1080p projector delivers five times the resolution on your Standard Definition TV. This dramatic difference in sharpness is instantly visible. You will notice finer details like color specks in the eyes of video characters, sweat drops, creases and other such finer details that can be lost otherwise. Regardless of whether you need a projector for business or for your home theatre, a 1080p projector will deliver better clarity in comparison to lower options.

3. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

When consuming media content with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, your regular 720p (or lower) projector will only deliver a partial render of the sounds. The complete experience will only come to the fore when viewing the content on a full HD projector.

4. More Screen Customisation Options

A full HD projector can work on a wide range of surfaces without losing picture details.  For regular projectors, specially designed screens or white-walls are often a requirement for clear viewing. This is not the case with 1080p projectors. You can still enjoy a comfortable viewing experience on any clear surface you can find.

Additionally, you can configure the screen size to meet your specific needs. If you are holding a presentation in a small office, for instance, you can change the output to match the screen available in the office.

You can return to your usual output size once you are in a bigger space. This future-proof adaptability is why a full-HD projector is a great investment. You don’t need to worry about buying new hardware when you move to a bigger or smaller property.

5. High-Definition Large Images

If you are purchasing a full HD projector for use in your home theatre, you can enjoy quality near life-size images as there are no outer limits. A full HD projector can deliver a comfortable viewing experience even on a 200-inch surface.

A television screen, for example, is limited to the hardware size, so models with that screen size are not commercially available now. Lower resolution projectors may be able to project images to a 200-inch screen, but the picture quality will suffer.

Pound-for-pound, full HD projectors are more value for money when compared to other media processing and delivery surfaces. The much larger images are your best bet for enjoying that theatre experience.

6. Better Eye Health

Full HD projectors are excellent for your eye health because they allow you to view high-definition large-size images from any position without straining your eyes. If you make the switch from SDTV to HDTV, for example, you can instantly feel your eyes trying to adjust to the lower image quality. This also happens when you try to read small text just immediately after reading large text during eye tests.

Viewing media on a full HD projector ensures you never have to put your eyes through strain for long periods.

If you are stuck between a full HD projector and a TV, keep in mind that projected images are better for your eyes overall. This is because your eyes see reflected light when viewing projected media, but see emitted light when watching television. When you consider additional factors such as your sitting distance from the screen and its impact on eye strain, it is easy to see why full HD projectors are highly recommended.

7. Portability

Even with the obsession with making everyday electronics smaller today, full HD projectors are still far smaller than the most refined televisions you can find. You can pack your projector into a bag that can carry your laptop. You can’t carry your 32” inch TV anywhere without huge discomfort.

The portability of a full-HD projector also means you can mount it anywhere to maximize the space in the room. A TV, on the other hand, must occupy a central position in the room. Most full HD projector owners mount the devices overhead either onto the ceiling or high up on the wall behind the standard seating arrangement in the room.

The portability of a full HD projector comes in handy during outdoor events. You can use the projector to spice up that barbecue weekend, organize a movie night in your garden or enjoy a cinema-experience while out on a camping expedition with your family.  All you need to do is to pick up the projector, find a source of electricity, and a befitting surface for your projector screen!

8. Fits for Work and Play

You can save money by using one projector at work and at home if presentations are a regular feature of your work. The portability of full HD projectors today means you can slip them into a bag while you are going to work.

Teachers (in academic settings and otherwise), for example, can benefit immensely from using Full HD projectors.  Digitally prepared notes can liven up the atmosphere in a classroom. This is no surprise because we are more attracted to content with images.

In fact, images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. So your students will feel more engaged if you use a projector in your classes. They also won’t have to wait for you to clear the whiteboard and prepare for the next part of the class. This ensures better use of the time allotted for the class and allows you to squeeze in more content.

Additionally, since you have prepared the notes digitally, you can send them to the students at the end of the day. This ensures that they will listen attentively during the class, only taking notes where absolutely necessary.

9. Price

Full HD projectors are now affordable. If you are looking for standard no-frills options, you can find good bargains for less than $200. The prices fall even further if you choose to shop from places with used models.  Even when a full-HD projector costs as much as a television set, keep in mind that you are getting high-quality content that is scalable, far beyond the size possible on your television.

10.  Easy Installation

You can install your projector without any outside help as long as you can find a power source, a surface to hold the projector and clear space for the projector screen. It is common for projectors to be mounted overhead on the ceiling, but you can place yours on the shelf or on a table.

The user manual should contain enough information to guide you through the installation process. If you are unsure, however, call in a technician to complete the installation and pay attention to what they do in case you need to move the projector in the future.


With these advantages of using a full HD projector, it is not surprising that more people are choosing them ahead of televisions. These projectors fit in nicely at home, but can also fit in nicely in any work environment. The strides that have been made over the years in the projector niche means that full HD projectors are more affordable than ever.

Regardless of your specific needs, you are almost certain to find an option within your budget. Spend some time to review full HD projector models and then shop around to get the best price on the one you decide to buy.

Don’t forget to take into consideration important elements such as your connection to a sound system and the source of the content projected. Most full HD projectors will come with a speaker built-in, but the sound generated will not be loud enough in certain environments.

Additionally, the output quality of your projector is dependent on the quality of the input. So if you are mostly watching HD content, you will use the projector to its potential. If you do not have HD TV channels, you can still stream HD content from services like Netflix, Disney+, etc.

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