Vankyo Portable Projector

Vankyo Portable Projectors come with two types:  Burger 101 and Go300. Both Mini projectors are tiny and extremely lightweight. The built-in battery enables the projector to work interruptedly. They are known as pico projectors, which are ideal selections for traveling as you can carry with them anytime and anywhere you wish.

The advanced DLP technology provides more accurate, durable color and better image sharpness. Besides, the DLP projectors also allow you to obtain remarkable readability and clarity with a high contrast ratio. It supports with 1080P full HD video sources and the featured 3D projection technology provides an outstanding authentic viewing experience. With its versatile connectivity, you can easily connect our pocket projector with Android & IOS phones, tablets, laptops, TV Boxes, gaming consoles, and USB flash drives.

Vankyo Portable Projector’s Ready to Go

Vankyo Smart Projectors will not disappoint you as the portability makes them fit your pockets wherever you go. The mini projectors are great for trips, especially if you are keen for some extra fun when traveling, hiking, or camping. Vankyo portable projectors are available to project a display in a smaller space while without compromising the image quality and audio effect. If you’re looking for carry-on projectors with an awesome cinematic experience, these pocket projectors should be the ideal options for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Vankyo offers the best support and warranty to make sure 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

  • 90 days Money-Back Guarantee for No Reason.
  • 3-Year Product Warranty
  • Live time Expert Customer Service.

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