8 Reasons to Have a 1080p Projector For Living Room

February 29, 2020

8 Reasons to Have a 1080p Projector For Living Room

Projectors are most commonly viewed as a cheaper alternative to televisions, however, most people don’t understand that projectors actually have a lot of benefits over more traditional products, such as TVs.

If you were not already aware that projectors are great options for home video, then this article is certainly for you.

It is not uncommon for projectors to be seen as poor quality electronics, which is simply untrue. As technology becomes more advanced, projectors have filled a huge gap in the home video market thanks to their convenience, cost, and quality.

As of today, there are more 1080p projectors than ever that will provide you with your very own home theater, all at a fraction of the price of other expensive consumer products.

If you’re interested in learning about projectors and the advantages they have over other forms of home video streaming, then read on!

1. Home Movie Theater

Are you a fan of watching movies and TV? If you are, an HD projector should be #1 on your shopping list.

Most people don’t realize that having a projector in your living room is as close you can get to having a personal home movie theater without actually having one. As you are probably aware, home theatres are very expensive, so why not get the same value just by purchasing a 1080p projector?

Seriously, a projector is essentially your very own cinema- you are able to set it up however you please and start streaming Netflix, all from the comfort of your own home!

This is the main reason why we love projectors so much, especially models with 1080p image quality- you will not be able to tell the difference from real movie theaters.

2. Cost

A huge benefit of purchasing a 1080p projector for your living room is the cost, which is especially true when you compare the price to that of a 50” widescreen TV.

It’s no secret that televisions are expensive. Depending on the size and quality of your TV set, it can cost the consumer anywhere from $1,000 and up. There are even flat-screen TVs that sell for $40,000!

So how much does the average projector cost?

For a 1080p projector, it can cost you as low as $250. Obviously, this depends highly on the quality of the projector you are purchasing, and some models can be quite expensive, but you certainly don’t need to spend much to get a great high-definition projector for your living room!

Considering the quality and advantages of having a projector for your living room, this makes it a smart purchase that will not make too drastic a dent in your bank account.

3. Adjustable Screen

One of the main advantages of a projector, as opposed to a TV, is the adjustability of the screen.

With a 1080p projector, it is incredibly easy to adjust how big the ‘projection’ of whatever you are watching is. With most projectors, you are actually able to enlarge the screen size up to about 200” while still producing fantastic picture quality.

For reference, a formal movie theater screen is usually anywhere from 120” to 240”. Why is this such a good thing?

The adjustability means you have total control of what your viewing experience looks like. If you don’t have much space where you are, it is no problem- you can minimize the screen so that it works for your location.

Also, this means you can make your screen as large as you please, essentially providing you with a full-sized movie theater, all from your own living room! The adjustable screen on projectors is definitely one of the biggest advantages of these products.

4. Great Resolution

A common misconception about personal projectors is that the screen resolution is typically quite poor, which is very untrue.

Naturally, if you own a cheap projector (like the models they probably used in your school) then the image quality might not be the best.

However, if you invest in a 1080p projector for your home, then you might be surprised to learn that the picture resolution is as good, if not better than an HD TV!

While both projectors and TVs are capable of streaming 4k video, images tend to look much better on a projector thanks to the large screen size that comes with this device.

Technology these days is advanced, and electronic products are increasingly becoming better and better, and this is true when it comes to projectors. This is especially true if you are purchasing a 1080p projector- the picture quality will surprise you!

5. Compact Size

Whether you live in a small apartment or a house, compactibility and convenience will always be large factors in why a product is advantageous. When it comes to home viewing of television, this is easily one of the biggest reasons that projectors are so valuable.

Transporting projectors can be likened to moving a laptop- they are incredibly light and take up hardly any space at all. As you may know, this is not how moving large TV sets works, which can be a stressful and physically demanding task.

The size of projectors means that they are extremely convenient no matter your circumstances or intended uses. If you want a way to watch movies from home and don’t want the hefty task of getting a television set home, then purchasing a 1080p projector is the way to go.

6. Eye Comfort

A lesser-known benefit of a 1080p projector over traditional TVs is actually the effect that the picture has on the viewer’s eyes.

While it might seem hard to believe, projectors are much easier on eyes which means you can watch a full movie without having the dreaded ‘eye-strain’ that many people struggle with after watching TV for a significant amount of time.

Why is this?

The first reason is simply that the images from a projector tend to be quite large, which is a lot easier on the eyes than if the pictures were smaller.

However, the main reason is that projectors portray images using ‘reflected light’, as opposed to televisions that use ‘emitted light’.

All this means is that projectors allow you to go on Netflix binges without the possibility of giving yourself a headache!

7. Easy Installation

One of the most frustrating aspects of purchasing TVs (or most electronics, for that matter) is the difficulty of getting the product up and running.

As many of us are familiar with, installing TVs can be a daunting and stressful task for anyone -there are so many cords to figure out and the process can sometimes be incredibly daunting.

As far as home projectors go, the ‘installation’ could not be easier. For the most part, all it really takes is up to two cords to plugin; one for the power source, and one for the image feed.

Ease of use makes projectors much more desirable for home video streaming, especially when you consider the relative difficulty of installing TVs.

8. Versatility

The final reason that projectors are favored as opposed to TVs has to do with the general versatility in what your projector can be used for.

It is true that TVs these days are usually capable of showing all types and formats of media.

While this is great, it is much more difficult to hook a TV up to a projector.

Most projectors, including 1080p models, make it an easy task to hook up a computer or gaming console to the project.

Why is it so much easier?

Naturally, the projector has much fewer cords when compared to a TV. No more multi-pronged cables or confusing designs- with a projector, all it takes to hook up your computer and watch YouTube on the big screen is one single.

This makes the job of projecting other forms of media a simple one. In this day and age, more consumers than ever are choosing Netflix and gaming sites over films, which means this is an important requirement in which the projector market currently has the upper hand.

The size of projectors also adds to the versatility, since the consumer is able to manipulate the image size depending on what choose to stream.

For example, maybe you are playing a video game and prefer the image to be smaller so that you can see better? Or, maybe you are watching an action movie and want the screen to replicate a formal movie theater?

Whatever your needs are, projectors are much more versatile for your home video needs compared to televisions.

Final Thoughts

1080p projectors are a must-have for anyone who wants to have their very own personal home theater, anywhere in their house.

While projectors are not only an inexpensive alternative to HD TVs, they also happen to have a number of features that make them a preferred product to have in anyone’s house living room.

If you are interested in completely changing the way you watch media at your home, make sure to check out some 1080p projector models for some amazing value!

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