How do projectors protect your eye health?

June 29, 2022

How do projectors protect your eye health?

Projector screens have recently garnered hype and buzz due to their ability to protect viewers’ eye health. These large screens serve multiple purposes in multiple places, including schools, offices, home theaters, gaming, and outdoor purposes. Projectors are also appreciated for providing adjustable eye-to-screen distances and immersive viewing within one’s comfort zone.

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive explanation of how emerging technologies such as diffused reflection blue-light absorption make projectors a suitable fit for protecting eye health, as compared to conventional television screens.

While most of us continue to spend hours and hours watching digital screens, it is rather unfortunate to reveal how our family’s eye care is most likely to get utterly affected. Research suggests that digital screens emit blue light, which places greater strain on the human eyes and causes increased deterioration of eye health. On the other hand, projectors are considered to be a much better option because although they emit blue light, one does not have to stare straight into the light source while viewing this light. This is because the blue light bounces off another surface, which may be a projector screen, before hitting our eyes. Hence, projectors can considerably reduce the amount of blue light that actually reaches the viewers’ eyes.

Projectors are curated to undergo diffuse reflection, making them less harmful to your family’s eyesight. The indirect blue light leaves a reduced strain on our eyes and this technology is best incorporated in VANKYO’s range of projectors, which offer a range of opportunities to keep your eyes comfortable without the supplementary strain due to the emitted light rays.

Uncovering Next-Generation Eye Caring Screen with VANKYO

VANKYO projectors do their part in providing you top-notch family eye care from three perspectives, as discussed in the section below:

i. Light Sources in VANKYO’s Eye-Protective Screens

When trying to make the best decisions for your family’s eye care needs, it is important to understand what is bad, harmful, and damaging to the eyes. There are two primary types of lights that one can get from a light source, ‘direct’ light, and ‘indirect’ light.

Direct light is emanated and radiated directly from the source towards the viewer’s eyes. The most commonly used sources of direct light in our lives are televisions and bulbs which give out light that directly reaches our eyes. On the other hand, indirect light does not quite come from a source that leads to the viewer’s eyes. The most appropriate example of indirect light emissions is a projector. When compared to direct light sources such as television screens, eye-protective screens and projectors are known for vividly contributing to eye care, and saving eyes from the additional strain.

ii. Avoiding Harmful Blue Light

When light rays shine onto a powder sample, these undergo ‘diffuse reflection’ in all directions. As the diffusely reflected rays of light are passed through the powder sample, they become fainter and weaker due to light absorption. This leads to a phenomenon that is identical to the transmission spectrum, also known as ‘diffuse reflected spectrum’. In particular, in areas where the powder unveils and exhibits a high rate of absorption, the majority of the long light rays of the diffuse reflected light are absorbed, emitting only the short light rays into the air.

VANKYO Projectors work on the principles of diffuse reflection blue light absorption, also abbreviated as DRBA. This is a high-end method of calculation, where the range of projectors aim towards using the eye-protective screens to prevent blue light damage and absorbing as much as 50.3% of blue light rays. Thus, VANKYO Eye Care Tech is a market leader when it comes to reflecting only healthy light to eyeballs and mitigating the instances of causing irreversible damage to the human retina.

iii. VANKYO Projector’s Eye Care Technology

You can experience the most contemporary and cutting-edge technologies in the all-new VANKYO projectors. Promising gentler images in artificial natural lights, VANKYO projectors offer eye-protective screens like no other brand through its built-in safety features that are perfectly curated to protect viewers’ eye health. The striking feature of VANKYO projector ranges is the imitation of natural light and the commendable practice of diffuse reflection blue light absorption which have been found to result in little to no digital eye strain symptoms.

Thanks to VANKYO, viewers can stop worrying about eyesight problems and direct project-beam exposure through its progressive features and eye care tech. The company promises healthier and softer rays, enjoyable home entertainment, and all possible eye protective measures that can thwart accidental eye injuries. While direct high-energy visible blue light serves as the paramount threat to all sorts of vision problems and strains, VANKYO promises the ultimate home entertainment experience and stress-free pleasure of big-screen watch times.

iv. Stress-less Enjoyment of the Big Screen

If you are looking forward to a stress-free viewership experience with no blurry visions, dry eyes, and a promise to family eye care, you should know that your choice is the VANKYO projector and not just a conventional television set! We promise to help you find your comfort zone, as we rightfully deliver stress-free moments and immersive watching experiences.

A VANKYO Projector or a Television: Finalizing your Next Choice

If you are keenly interested in preventing eye health damage to your beloved, whilst not compromising on your daily watch time, the simple choice for you to make is a VANKYO projector. As explained above, the company has already established its name in the realm of projector technologies such as diffuse reflection blue light absorption. VANKYO continues to take pride as one of the top manufacturers of indirect soft light projectors, with 200% bigger and adjustable screens. The technological capabilities are progressing fast enough to deliver cutting-edge solutions for eye-protective digital viewing experiences, greater flexibilities, and additional smart safety features.

That being said, televisions are a big no, largely due to the penetration of direct light emissions into the viewer’s eyes. The future of digital viewing is all about projector screens, which do not emit light. Ideally, one should not be skeptical in making the right decision about investing in a VANKYO product which immensely reduces the level of light being captured by the human eye. Projectors are indeed the wonders of the eye care tech niche as they dramatically alleviate stress levels on our optic nerves. For many, this seamless experience of comfortable image and movie-watching is what makes the purchase of eye protective screens worthwhile spending!

Remember, the decision-making process when considering a new television set or a project should foremost consider the impact they have on your eyes. Take a break from the existing screens in your life, and get your hands on a projector that suits your needs, without compromising on optic health.

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