Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Home Theatre

November 29, 2019

Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Home Theatre

Enjoying a fantastic movie night need not mean going to a crowded local theatre. Since all you love to see is the pop-out effect on a large screen, why not take inspiration for your own home theater from these state-of-the-art bespoke screening rooms? Viewing the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the comfort of your home, or sink into your couch to follow a documentary on the African big cats, that’s a great program! And imagine dozens of other advantages that the home theater can bring to you.

4 Steps to Build a Theater at Home

# Step One: Choose a Video Projector for an XXL Image

Image is often considered as the main element of home theater. This is not entirely true, but a beautiful picture is essential. To immerse the whole family into the movie, you need to opt for a video projector with fairly high brightness to project XXL images.

If the image must be bright, it must also be contrasted. It's the contrast that creates the depth of the image by offering vibrant colors and deep blacks. In terms of image quality, you can rely on a native 1080p HD display, and we recommend Vankyo Performance V630 full HD projector featuring up to 5,500 lux of brightness and 5,000:1 contrast ratio, delivering high brightness and vivid colors to delight your eyes.


For projector lamps that have a relatively modest life span, you might prefer LED projectors, which are less bright but have a longer life. More than that, make sure you choose a low-noise projector because fan noise can heavily impact on your viewing experience.

# Step Two: Combine Stereo Sound with Immersive Experience

When it comes to the optimal home theater, the picture quality is just not enough. The sound is definitely another important element to take into account. In fact, it is the sound that puts you in the center of the movie. The power of the action scenes, the seriousness of the dialogues, the musical atmosphere, all these elements contribute to make yourself immersive in what you see.

# Step Three: The Darker the Atmosphere, the Better the Images

To bring the best image quality for impressive viewing experiences, movies are always played completely dark in cinemas. In a dark environment, there is little ambient light and this can keep images from being washed out. The darker the atmosphere, the better the images will be. Make sure that you’re seated in a dark environment before you start a movie. If you don’t have a home theater room, you can provide blackout curtains to create the darkest possible context.

# Step Four: Better off in a Comfortable Seat

Comfortable seat, it sounds so obvious, but after all, you're better off in a comfortable chair than on a dining chair. Remember to equip yourself with functional furniture for the movie marathon. The better you are installed, the more immersive your home theater experience will be.

Finally, all you need is a beautiful image, a good sound, a beautiful atmosphere, and a little comfort to fully experience the cinema at home. Take your time, follow the above steps, you will meet your expectations.

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