How to Fix the Projector If It Crashes When Connected to an iPhone?

May 23, 2020

How to Fix the Projector If It Crashes When Connected to an iPhone?

One of the most ubiquitous technologies found in most classrooms, offices, and homes around the world are projectors. They allow us to project images, videos, games, and more into any large surface. Smartphones like iPhones are often used as a streaming device for projectors. Unfortunately, sometimes we may encounter crashes when connected to them. In this article, we will focus on how to fix projector crashes when connected to an iPhone. We will look at the possible cause of the issue, and how to resolve it.

Why A Projector Crashes?

Crashes are a common malfunction on most computer integrated systems. They normally occur when critical functionality features of a device, its components, or its peripherals cease to function correctly and suddenly stop working altogether. An important remark is that crashes don’t necessarily mean your device is broken or heavily damaged. Sometimes crashes occur because of software or hardware errors that can be easily avoided, so don’t be panic if it is your first time experiencing a crash in your projector, iPhone, or both.

How To Fix Projector Crashes?

There are a few steps for you to follow in order to adequately structure your approach towards figuring out any solution. When it comes to projector and smartphone crashes, there are a few things to keep in mind before troubleshooting. It is vital that we at least understand the basic hardware and software functions that allow our iPhone and projector to work with each other.

1. Identify the Source of the Problem

As with most issues, you have a better chance to solve it if you understand where it comes from. There are many types of crashes that may occur when using a projector + iPhone combo, so the following are some of the most common inducing causes:

  • Unstable apps.
  • Damaged cables.
  • Damaged adapters (if there is any).
  • Overheating.
  • Wrong projector settings.
  • Wrong iPhone settings.

2. Watch Out for Overheating

Overheating is usually the main external culprit of crashes. When a projector or an iPhone reaches high temperatures, the functionality and efficiency of the components are hindered greatly. If the temperature reaches a certain threshold, most devices will simply activate a failsafe that shuts them down abruptly in order to protect them. For most users, the case is seen as a crash, which is a very common problem when using any device for extended periods of time in non-ideal conditions. To mitigate the downgrading effects of overheating on your projector or iPhone, you can check the most common culprits.

  • Room temperature.
  • Ventilation.
  • Surfaces where devices are placed.
  • Device fan/breathing holes.
  • Continuous use without shutting it down.

3. Check Your Setup

Now that you have an idea of the types of issues you might encounter, and the right mindset to identify the problem, it’s time to understand your setup. Your setup is the cables, devices (e.g. projector + iPhone), software or apps used to stream the media, and the media content itself. Both the iPhone and the projector are the most important variables in your setup, so checking them externally and internally is always a good place to start. Here come the details:

  • External Variables need to be checked: cables, device temperature, connection ports, charge, fan intakes, room temperature, and the hours of the devices in use.
  • External Variables need to be checked: apps used to stream the media, projector settings, iPhone settings, updates, and drivers.

Once you have a clear picture of what setup you are using and what is a possible source of the problem, we can move to the next step.

4. Test

Always test your variables. This is the best way to cancel out variables without causing any other issues. Your objective with these tests should be to recreate the conditions in which you experience a crash, so you will figure out the way to react. For example, by testing our office projector + iPhone setup we know that the projector crashes probably due to the high temperature that spreads over the room, which overheats the projector. To examine, we have done the following tests:

  • Used different HDMI adapters for the iPhone.
  • Changed the HDMI cable for our iPhone.
  • Used a different movie app.
  • Cleaned the projector air intakes.
  • Decreased room temperature.
  • Increased ventilation.

The cable and adapters made no difference, the apps also ran fine. As we moved the projector towards a well-ventilated area with AC, we had no problems or crashes. If you find your cables or adaptors suddenly cause crashes or stop working, then you have to move on to the next step.

5. Buying Replacements

If the issue calls for it, you may need to buy some replacements. Sometimes faulty cables or adapters might cause projector or iPhone crashes as well. In most cases, buying a replacement accessory is able enough to fix the issue. Always check for qualified replacements that are compatible with your devices, sometimes subpar cables or adaptors cause more serious issues.

6. Perform New Tests After The Replacements

After installing your replacements, you can perform the new tests. Try to recreate exactly the conditions that you were using while it crashed. If you identify that it is the hardware causing the problem, the issue will be fixed after the replacement is installed. If there doesn’t exist any issues or crashes, the problem then is solved.

What to Do When the Projector Keeps Crashing When Connected to an iPhone?

Sometimes we have to figure out deeper for the solution when the crashes are encountered. Thankfully, there are other ways for a tech-savvy to deal with these problems. Patience is always needed when looking for the little details, most often they are the culprits of your crashes. Let’s have a look at some of the frequently overlooked details.

1. Check the Connection Ports

Getting started by checking the connection ports on both devices carefully. In the case of an iPhone that uses an HDMI adapter followed by a cable, all the ports shall be looked at carefully. Look for any debris that may block the signals or weak points in the port structure. Remember to be careful with the strength you use while handling the ports or cables. If you find out one of the ports on the cables or adapters is damaged, you can easily find replacement cables or adapters. And if it is your iPhone’s port that is damaged, you need to check your warranty and contact customer support.

2. Check The Projector and iPhone Settings

When most of our hardware seems fine but we keep running into crashes, you can always look at the settings of your devices. You can look out for:

  • Input configurations.
  • Permissions from the OS or projector to allow the streaming of data.
  • Compatibility issues.

Both iPhones and projectors have extensive online manuals and troubleshooting tips that guide you through some configuration changes. And simply tinkering around the settings yourself will help you understand your equipment better so that you are able to fix any misconfigured device.

3. Disassemble the Projector

If you feel like you are able to take on a disassembly project, this can be a good way to fix any major problem that may hinder the usability of the projector. First, you have to be sure of what component of your projector needs to be checked and/or replaced. You can find extensive disassembly manuals and guides online when you are just starting out. Always remember to check your warranty before any disassembly project, and be sure that the device you are disassembling is OFF and unplugged from any power source.

4. Contact Customer Support

Try to contact your seller or manufacturer if the crashes are consistent and there is no other way you can figure out to fix the issue. Most retailers and manufacturers offer professional services that can fix any issue you might encounter. It’s a simple solution that works great if you don’t have plenty of time to tinker around with your devices.


In this article, we have been looking at how to fix projector crashes when connected to an iPhone. Mentioning the most common reasons for a crash, as well as some troubleshooting tips on how to fix them. We have seen the importance of temperature control, cables, ports, and device configurations. We also learned the importance of testing as crashes are rare occurrences that can be hard to define. Eliminating as many variables as possible by testing so that we can find the source of the issue. Keep it in mind to contact customer service if the crashes are persistent and none of your solutions fix your issue.

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