How to Reduce Projector Fan Noise?

April 18, 2020

How to Reduce Projector Fan Noise?

It occurred to most of us, you are watching a movie on your projector, or perhaps you are in a conference room with all your colleagues, all of a sudden, you begin to notice the fan inside your projector humming, louder and louder. You can’t hear the sound of the movie clearly, or you get distracted in the middle of your presentation, the projector's fan is going crazy! In this article, we will answer the question of how to reduce the projector’s fan noise? We will also explain the main reasons why does the fan produces loud noises. As well as some solutions for you to continue using your projector undisturbedly.

Why Fans Make Noise?

Fans are essential parts of many electronic products. Nowadays, you can find fans in every corner of the globe. As a matter of fact, as you read this blog, the computer or smartphone that you are using needs a fan to work properly. Fans are incredibly important which is mainly to disperse the heat so that the machine is able to work smoothly. They are also essential for people, as fans are colloquially known as a cheap and effective way to keep you cool during hot days.

Fans make noises due to the rotational movement of the blades. As the blades stimulate airflow, there are several sources of noise you can hear.

●Air being pushed around.
●The fan motor.
●The projector's components vibrating due to movement coming from the fan blades.
●Dust accumulating inside the projector’s components.

Can You Change Your Projector Fan?

If you are encountering problems with your projector, our first advice is to call the dealer and turn to their customer service. They will handle any issue you might have professionally. Most of the time they will ask to return the faulty one and deliver you a new device. So don’t be panic, it will get fixed eventually.

Vankyo projectors are excellent devices that enable you to open easily and get it repaired. Parts can be swapped easily, and what you need are a few tools. Remember that if you are to open the case to do any modifications, you will lose the guarantee. Most of the time the issues are not as severe to require replacements, simply open the case might reveal a loose screw which may cause the issue. Just make sure not to remove the guarantee sticker that comes with the device.

How To Reduce Your Projector Fan Noise?

1. Understand Your Equipment

Let’s take a look at what are the best ways to check what type of projector you have.

●Look at the user manual.
●Check for the sticker attached to the device.
●Do a quick internet search of the manufacturer.
●If purchased online, go to the seller’s webpage.
●If purchased physically, go to the store directly.

Take Vankyo Leisure 3 projector as an example in this blog, we will use the relevant manual to get to know how the device works.

2. Identify the Problem

Now let’s look at the problem. There are a few steps for you to follow which can help you understand what is happening.

●Audible cues.
●Visual cues.

The fan inside our projector sounds like a vacuum cleaner running at full power. We decided to look online for a replacement that is more silent, which leads us to our next point.

3. Buy Replacement Accessories

If you want to install a new fan that is more silent, you need to check compatibility first. There are several ways to do this, the most important thing when you decide to buy the replacement is to know the model and brand of your device very well. Then you can follow some easy steps as below:

  • Look for replacement parts from online electronic replacement stores.
  • Do a google search of fans for your specific model.
  • Compare prices to make sure you don’t get scammed.
  • Double-check the parts you buy are compatible with your projector.

In our case, we contacted online merchant to purchase a silent fan. Unlike the original fan that sounds like vacuum cleaner noise, it is a 92mm fan which sounds like a fading breath. The description had specified that the model is compatible with the device, so we double-checked and it was indeed able to be installed on our Vankyo projector.

4. Disassemble the Projector

This is a step where things can get tricky. Most people are not used to opening their electronics, much less a projector. After some research online, it is easy to find some in-depth videos, documents, and articles describing how to apply such a modification. Most Vankyo projectors, and other Chinese brands, assemble their projectors in pretty much the same way. We recommend you follow certain guidelines if you are new at disassembling any device, no matter they are projectors, laptops, or phones.

  • Always disconnect the device before handling it.
  • Take notes of the location of every part you take out.
  • Have a screwdriver that matches the screws on your projectors.
  • Have several trays where you can label the screws.
  • Have the replacement fan ready.
  • Follow the guided instructions exactly.
  • Use pictures or videos to guide yourself throughout the process.

5. Change the Parts

Follow the instructions and change the parts accordingly. Easy as that, be careful with the way you handle the components. Chips, cables, boards, and power supplies tend to be sensitive to moisture, heat, and sunlight. Make sure to hand these components in an environment that you are able to control, like a workbench, desk, or table.

6. Assemble the Projector

You are almost there, be sure to assemble the projector the same way you disassemble it. This is where the screw trays and the list of locations become handy. Make sure all the parts fit in their place neatly and tightly, any loose screw or component may hinder the performance or create more noise.

7. Test Your Results

Now that everything is ready, plug the projector back in and run some tests. Watch a movie, play some games, or simply let it run for some time to see how the new fan works. Pay special attention to any visual or audible cues that hint you things aren’t working properly. By now, you should be available to enjoy your newly modified Vankyo projector. If the results aren’t satisfactory, there are a few things you can do.

Why the Fan Still Makes Noise?

If you have already troubleshot your projector and found out that the noise levels are still high, there are a few things you can do. The problem may due to some simpler details like temperature, time of use, and the conditions inside your room. Some of the most common processes to follow will be listed below.

Step1: Check the Performance

Vankyo projectors are not supposed to run for 24 hours continuously, which may stress the components. Eventually, the heat buildup can accumulate to the point where the fan gets to work harder. The sound coming from the fan will be audibly louder as it happens. To avoid this, you have to shut down your projector after the use.

Step2: Check the Room Temperature

The temperature of the room where your projector is working is very important. If you are using the projector in a room without much ventilation, the projector is bound to overheat, resulting in decreasing the performance. One of the reasons for overheating is the stress on the fan, which will cause the speed up to maintain the breathability of the components. And this will increase the noise.

Make sure your room is cool and well ventilated, for it can help the device run smoother, and heat buildup will never be much of an issue.

Step3: Check Your Projector Again

If you followed our recommendations, while your projector is still acting up, you can always open it again to have a closer look. Maybe some of the wires are misplaced, or maybe you left a screw dangling around in there. Make sure to re-check any modification you did.

We recommend you to follow the bullet points to perform the modification. Tick all those boxes as you go through them one by one. You would be surprised at the number of small mistakes that we tend to overlook. Sometimes something simple may screw the cover back on. Just a little tighter, and you can do the trick.


There you go! We hope this article will help you deeply understand your Vankyo projector. We’ve discussed some of the main reasons why your projector makes noises. We’ve also listed several methods for you to solve the problem. Now that you know how to reduce the noise of your projector and how to change the original fan, you can now enjoy the amazing experience of projecting your favorite media on your newly silent Vankyo projector.

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