How to Refocus the Projector to Get Rid of the Blur?

May 16, 2020

How to Refocus the Projector to Get Rid of the Blur?

Have you ever prepared really hard for a presentation to make sure everything is in order, your presentation deck is sorted, your laptop is fully charged, and it connects to the projector, only to find the projector is displaying a blurry image? It is embarrassing, to say the least, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Sometimes a projector may get blurry when you’re using it to show images or videos at home or at your workplace. A projector that is blurry can be fixed to make the image sharper and improve clarity.

Before you jump to conclusions, however, we recommend that you check for a few common reasons why a projector lens might be producing a blurry image. Ruling out all the reasons can allow you to better assess where the problem lies and fix it easily. We’ve listed some common reasons why a projector-camera may be producing blurry images below.

Top 5 Reasons May Cause Your Projector Camera Blurry

1. The Surface You are Projecting on is Not Smooth

You have to make sure that whatever surface you’re projecting your visuals on is clean, smooth, and plain so that you get maximum visibility. Sometimes if you’re projecting against a surface that has texture or previous indentations it can distort the image.

The details of the visuals that you’re displaying can mesh in with the uneven surface that can make it harder for the naked eye to differentiate text, colors or even minute details if you’re displaying artwork or information that needs extra attention.

You want to make sure that you’re projecting on a surface that is even, untarnished and a single color for better image clarity and sharpness.

2. Your Projector Lens is Dirty

If you’ve made sure that your surface is smooth and clear, then another culprit for the projector being blurry may be a dirty lens. When you’re using a projector on a regular basis it can be easy to be forgetful about keeping the lens clean because it does accumulate dust over time.

Similarly, accidents may happen due to which it can get dirty with grime, dust particles, or any liquid it may have come in touch with. One way of making sure you’re not stuck with a blurry projector is to clean the lens prior to using it with a cloth.

3. The Projector and the Screen are not Aligned Properly

You’ve made sure that the projector is displaying visuals on a smooth surface and the lens is clean, and if you’re still seeing a blurry image, then maybe your projector and screen are not aligned properly.

If you’ve installed the projector in one place, you have to make sure that when displaying the visuals, it is not zoomed in which may be why you’re seeing a blurry image. Similarly, if the projector is mounted upwards or tilted it may not align with a screen that is mounted straight.

Misalignment in the way both the projector and the screen are mounted can result in the projector displaying a blurry image.

4. The Lens Cap May Still be Attached to the Lens

This may sound so obvious but have you removed the lens cap from the lens? This is one of those things like looking for your glasses everywhere only to find them resting on your head. It happens, we’re all humans.

So, before you come to the conclusion that your projector is faulty or something has broken inside, make sure that the lens cap has been removed. If your projector is mounted at a high place, it is very likely that you may have ignored this possibility, in which case make sure it is removed is better than calling someone to fix it.

5. The Projector Lens is not Correctly Focused

If none of the above points are making your projector blurry then it is quite possible that the lens isn’t properly focused. The focus can be adjusted manually; however, it is good to make sure that the distance between the projector and the screen is the recommended measure.
Sometimes a defective lens can make the projector blurry that can happen from any external damage inflicted on it. In that case, you will have to replace the projector lens.

However, there are few tricks and techniques through which you can easily refocus the lens to make sure the projector isn’t blurry anymore.

One of the main reasons why a projector may show blurry images can be related to the projector lens being out of focus or due to some external factor.

So here comes the solution:

6 Steps to Refocus the Projector?

If you’re looking to refocus the projector lens or how to make projector image picture clear so that next time you don’t see fuzzy images on the screen, you can start by following the below-mentioned steps:


Clean out your lens with a soft cloth to remove all the dust, fingerprint smudges, or any grime that might be accumulating on the lens. Microfiber cloths are excellent when you’re dealing with delicate lenses to clean them out.


After cleaning the lens out, slowly start adjusting the focus through the focus knob until you reach a point where the image looks in focus, and then start turning the knob back to the point it is blurry.
This step may seem absurd but it actually makes sure you get the setting that doesn’t give you blurry images.


Now, start setting up the right resolution for your projector by connecting it to your laptop or personal computer, and configuring the resolutions to match the native resolutions of your projector. This will make sure your projector doesn’t end upscaling the image itself which will make it lose the image resolution as well.


The projected image screen size should be small by default so that it doesn’t start blowing up the image too much. A smaller image will make it appear brighter as well.


Use the “Zoom” function of your projector lens to adjust the visuals without having to move the projector. This is especially useful if your projector is mounted and isn’t portable. It is better to position the projector closer to the screen and decrease the zoom setting, but it varies from the projector to projector, so adjust as it seems fit for yours.


Avoid tilting the projector as it will make the projected image against the screen appear narrow or crooked. Keep it square and flat to the screen for good results.

Issues That May Involved If Projector Blurs in Right/Left Area

Now that we’ve shown you ways to refocus your projector lens, you may come across instances where your projector may be showing the right or left side of your screen blurry. The blurriness of the image may not affect the overall experience of watching the visuals but it can get annoyed with time.

#1 The Projector May be Misaligned with the Screen

A projector blurry from the right or left area may not be indicative of a projector that is broken or faulty, it may simply be a case of a projector lens that is dirty. Similarly, another strong indicator can be a projector that is a few inches misaligned with the screen which can result in a blurry projector from one side.
However, if that is not the case then the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) panels may be misaligned in which case you will have to take it in for further inspection. When this happens, it can affect the pixel resolution as well as the color quality which may look as if one side of the screen is getting blurry images.

#2 Mismatch Occurs Between the Projector and the Output Device

Similarly, a mismatch in resolution between the projector and the image/video output device can make one side appear blurry. This fault can be resolved by changing the refresh rate of the projector that appears in the Display panel of the System Preferences setting.

Lastly, another factor can be the optical elements of a projector being misaligned in which case they will have to go back to the manufacturer as you cannot fix it on your own.

Regardless, follow the checklist mentioned above to be certain that a projector that is blurry may not be from one of those cases, and then contact your manufacturer to fix it up, if nothing else works.


It is common for a projector to show images that are blurry if it hasn’t been in use for a long time or hasn’t had some care shown to it in a long time. By taking proper care of your projector and its lens you can ensure that it lasts you a lifetime.

With that said, however, before you start spending your hard-earned money on getting your projector fix, always take the time to review the problem at home. Use the recommendations provided and try to rule out possible reasons why the problem may be occurring. Most projector issues are easily solvable at home without the need to get in touch with the manufacturer.

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