The Best Sewing Projector 2022

August 16, 2022

Sewing projectors are one of the most flexible and widely-used technologies out there. It is helping millions of people through the impeccable services that it provides. It saves them from the tedious, time-consuming and laborious process of printing out, sticking, tracing and cutting the pieces of pattern. Moreover it eliminates other disappointments regarding the size and quality.

How Does A Sewing Projector Work?

It involves linking up your patterns to a projector which then projects the digitally-made graphic designs and patterns onto a fabric without needing to print, tape and cut your pattern pieces. Sounds fun right? For your convenience, it also saves you the time and money in the long-run as there is no need to keep buying inks and papers constantly. You do not have to deal with storage problems either as it stores all the different types of patterns you create. Its immaculate efficiency makes the work-process even more effective.

Types of Projectors Used in Sewing Projects

There are three main types of sewing projectors:

  1. Mini projectors
  2. Short throw projectors
  3. Ultra-short throw projectors

Mini (Long throw) Projectors

Mini projectors are one of the most popular and widely-used projectors for sewing. They are small in size and can be carried or moved easily. They come in a wide range and offer an impressive variety of functions to it’s audience. These projectors are also relatively cheaper, usually cost under $200, typically $100-$150, and can easily be used to project images onto any surface. They can be calibrated 60 inches above your cutting mat to give you enough room to project your images and patterns onto the cutting surface. Additionally, Mini projectors mostly have a throw ratio between 1.1 and 1.7.

The biggest advantage of this type of projector is obviously it’s size. They are portable and can be used anywhere you want. You will also find them easy to set up with built-in sound and storage system.

Short Throw Projectors

Short throw projectors are comparatively cheaper than the Ultra-short throw one’s. They are capable of showing 100” image from less than 6 feet. It has a throw ratio between 1.1 to 1.3. These projectors can be set 4-6 feet away to provide enough room for patterns projection. These can easily be set up in smaller rooms. The nearer the surface is from screen, the less likely you are to face any distortion issues. You can also simply place it in front of your sitting position. It offers good visual quality as it can create greater  images at much shorter distances which helps in better projection of designs and patterns onto the surface.

Short throw projectors are advisable for a mid-sized spaces. Thanks to it’s close proximity to the screen it also reduces shadows and prevents any image distortion issues. However, it is not suitable for spacious rooms.

Ultra-short Throw projectors

Ultra-short throw projectors are the most expensive ones. It offers a massive image up to 100 inches on a wall from a very short distance and has a longer light source lifetime. It doesn’t have to hang on the ceiling as it could easily be perched on the table top or near your cutting mat to project the images, but it’s very sensitive to surroundings. These projectors are super efficient in working with patterns as the close proximity to the screen (0 to 4 feet away) provides a better, distortion free image. It also virtually nullifies shadows and eye glare. It offers clean and crisp viewing from just inches away and is suitable for small spaces needing large projection screens that are specialized. Another cons of these projectors is that they usually includes a noisy fan for cooling because they produce more heat.

The Upshot

Everyone wants their work to be done perfectly with no mistakes whatsoever. Which Projector is best for you? The factors below are the key things to evaluate when deciding on a sewing projector for your own needs. 


Ultra short throw projectors are ideal for small home theaters, while short throw projectors work well in class rooms or offices with limited space. Long throw projectors requires large spaces and high ceilings.


As stated above, the mini projector is more budget friendly. If you don’t want to break your bank, they would be a good choice.


Usually, a higher resolution results in a clearer, sharper image. When it comes to sewing, the lowest resolution is 720P.

Both of these projectors have their advantages and disadvantages but, ultimately, their value to you depends on your particular use case and viewing environment, and we are here to make it more easier for you to find the best sewing projector for yourself at reasonable pricing with all the notable features one desires for in a projector.

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