Vankyo S20 VS Vankyo S30 Tablets - Android Tablets Reviews

May 02, 2020

Vankyo S20 VS Vankyo S30 Tablets - Android Tablets Reviews

The world of technology has continued uninterrupted through an evergrowing evolution and advancement of its own mechanisms. Just a few years ago, tablets where known to be specialized niche devices for a very specific audience. They use to be expensive and sold by a few brands. Today, you can find quality tablets manufactured with excellent components and precision running at very affordable prices. In this article, we will take a look at two types of the most popular budget tablets in 2020, Vankyo S20 and S30 tablets.

We will compare both of them to see which one comes out on top in terms of price, battery life, hard drive, processor, ram, graphics processor, connectivity, operating system, camera, and unique features.

Vankyo S20 and S30 Tablets: A Quick Comparison 

Vankyo S20

Vankyo S30



1280x800 native screen resolution

1920x1200 native screen resolution

Price: $159.99

Price: $169.99

8 MP back camera

13 MP back camera

10-hour battery life

15-hour battery life


Vankyo S20 and S30 Tablets: Differences & Similarities

1) Price

Nowadays, tablets stand strong in terms of specs, price, and performance. They are usually divided by price ranges, cheapest on the lowest end, and priciest on the higher end. Vankyo S20 and S30 tablets fit within a very unusual sweet spot within the marketplace, where budget tablets begin to transition in terms of features and specs towards the higher end characteristics.

In terms of price, the S20 tablet is just ten dollars less than the S30. The price difference isn’t nearly as wide to warrant the S20 taking a winning position here. The Vankyo S20 is an excellent mid-range budget tablet with powerful specs, but it lacks standard features like 1080p resolution. Users will gain a better viewing experience by spending 10 more dollars. In this case, Vankyo S30 wins as you get much better features for a slight price increase, which is no more than the cost of a quick lunch.

2) Battery Life

Nobody may refuse to enjoy a larger battery capacity that handles long sessions of browsing and movie watching. The battery capacity of S30 and S20 vankyo tablets are the same as they are both 6000mAh. However, the battery in the S30 tablet is more robust that gets an increase for up to 50%, which is about 15 hours. While S20 tablet is built to last a maximum battery life with 10 hours.

3) Hard Drive

Hard drives are the storage units for computer devices that can be classified into two types: internal and external. Internal storage is usually held within the hard drive itself. External storage refers to a type of drive that can be connected directly to the device. When it comes to storage, both the S20 and S30 tablets boast a rather small 32GB hard drive.

Both the two tablets have an average internal system memory that is able to hold a sizable library of music, a few movies, and games; however, they are not enough to guarantee ample storage. But users can insert a micro SD card if they like so that they can easily upgrade their system storage significantly. Since there is no difference between Vankyo S20 & S30 with regard to storage space, we will hereby judge them equally.

4) Processor

Processors are the internal brain of computer devices. They handle the inputs and send information across the device, which is very significant when it comes to performance. Both S20 and S30 vankyo tablets have an impressive 8-core microprocessor with a frequency of up to 1.6GHz.

This is a very powerful piece of hardware that ensures both tablets are able to run most of the applications smoothly and effortlessly. When it comes to the higher-end applications, you might have encountered a few hiccups in processing power. We would recommend both types of tablets if users only focus on processors.

5) RAM

RAM refers to Random Access Memory. It is a type of memory that is allocated for running system applications which include the OS. A Higher RAM means being able to open up several applications at once without getting any sort of performance decrease. Both Vankyo S20 and S30 tablets have 3GB RAM memory. However, the S30 has DDR3 RAM memory, which runs a bit faster than a standard DDR2 the S20 tablets have. The difference is slightly noticeable, so we consider both of them to be pretty equal with regard to RAM.

6) Graphics Coprocessor

A graphics coprocessor is what renders or creates the graphical images you are able to see on the screen. It can be found as a separate component, or as an integrated component on most devices motherboards. On the S20 and S30 tablets, there is an IMG8322 graphical coprocessor that fits comfortably on the mid-range position, which allows users to play games smoothly. However, don’t expect a higher-end graphically intense games to run, because both of the tablets sport the same type of graphical hardware. In the circumstances, we consider them to be pretty equal.

7) Connectivity

Connectivity is normally a key feature for most people to make or break the decision to purchase modern devices. Connectivity featured the devices that brings our lives with unparalleled levels of efficient communications. There are integrated wireless Bluetooth 5.0 on the S20 and S30 tablets, in which not only you’ll gain a splendid network experience for its quicker response while less interference, but a faster and more stable data transfer between different devices. Moreover, both tablets come with embedded GPS connectivity technology. On account of the same connectivity features, neither of them stands out in this case.

8) Operating System (OS)

The operating system allows you to use all the hardware components in synergy. The OS brings the entire potential of a system together by using software that renders a user interface. There are two big-league players that have a monopoly on mobile device OS: Android system developed by Google and IOS system developed by Apple. Both of our Vankyo tablets use Android Pie 9.0 or above, which features an industry-standard of smooth, compatible, and efficient functionality. Both the S20 and S30 vankyo tablets stay modern in this case.

9) Camera

The rapid development of camera technology is breathtaking. Cameras are getting smaller, with higher quality and efficiency by the day. Thanks to the industrial output of modern mass manufacturing, most people have a pretty good camera embedded in their mobile devices. The S20 and S30 vankyo tablets come with slightly different camera qualities. They both have front-facing cameras for video calls, and back cameras to capture the amazing world around us.

The back camera of the S20 tablet is an 8MP camera, while the S30 stands at 13MP. Both of the tablet’s come with 5MP front-facing cameras. As far as the resolution of the camera is concerned, we take Vankyo S30 tablet as a priority. Simply because users get a noticeable improvement in picture and video quality, which compared to Vankyo S2 with 720p resolution, Vankyo S30 delivers stunning viewing experience with native 1080p HD screen resolution.

10) Unique Features

One of the biggest distinctions between the two tablets is the weight. Vankyo S30 weighs twice more of Vankyo S20, which makes it a slightly bulkier tablet. If you are looking for a slim, lightweight, and handy device, Vankyo S20 tablet may be a better choice for you.

Vankyo S20 vs S30 Tablets: Which One Wins?

Even though both tablets excel in terms of quality for their price range, the slight difference in price between Vankyo S20 tablet and S30 tablet seemingly makes it difficult for users to choose. Nevertheless, you get several higher-end features on the S30 that S20 doesn’t have. Besides, the battery life of S30 lasts 50% longer. If the price of the S20 tablet is a bit cheaper we would consider its place in the market, but as of now, the price difference isn’t high enough to warrant it a winning position.


All in all, we have made a comparison between Vankyo S20 and S30 in terms of functionality, features, and the price in this article. It turns out that with the inconsiderable price difference, Vankyo S20 can hardly stand out. On the other hand, various comparisons made in battery life, hard drive, processor, RAM, GPU, connectivity, OS, camera, and unique features indicate that Vankyo S20 and S30 tablets are pretty similar to some extent.

If you want a slim and lightweight tablet to carry around, and you don’t care about picture or camera quality too much, Vankyo S20 is an appropriate option for you. Whereas, if the price is not the top consideration, the weight does not exceed your expected range, Vankyo S30 tablet with a better quality probably suits you more. Remember always to check the specs of any tablet before you make a decision as you can base on it to help you find a better one for a particular use.

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