Video Projection & 3D: Gadget Or Technology Of The Future?

March 24, 2020

Video Projection & 3D: Gadget Or Technology Of The Future?

Technologies featuring video projection and 3D holograms are in trend. They are great to use in corporate events and are equally exciting for entertainment.

From those undulating OLED panel tunnels to hundreds of feet wide LED boards in the stadiums, the development in this industry is on the rise. Size is not a big issue here. After all, you can go as big as possible because you can project these images.

Now the conventional brick and mortar stores will also get aligned with the modern digital age and stay relevant with the color pop. Conference rooms, classrooms, and museums of today are becoming more interactive and offer better entertainment choices for the audience.

Video Projection & 3D is Everywhere Today

From the facades of skyscrapers and cathedrals to the playing arenas, video projections are going rampant, particularly where the fixed display is not possible.

For years, projection mapping has been consistently used in sports. These projections are for various presentations that the companies use to display to the audience. The projection surface is either the arena or the building, and again the size doesn’t matter.

The demand for these projectors across different sectors has significantly increased because people like to engage in video content, and when companies use different types of projection technologies, people become more interested.

Projection mapping is the top choice for 3D projection. Companies use this technology at anniversary celebrations, annual conferences, and seminars.

The use of laser-based technologies is further increasing the clarity of display, and it also increases the ability of an image to overcome the ambient light.

Millennials and Generation Z people find these experience-based technologies more interesting. This audience group tends to focus on experience more than anything else, and soon, this technology is going to be in a huge trend.

The Trend is Reaching Out to Different Industries

The point to consider here is that the use of video projection and 3D technology is not limited to a few sectors only. Apart from the sports and cultural events and companies, more and more firms are looking to hop on the bandwagon and use this technology in their various events.

With the use of smartphones and social media, people these days are more interested in engaging content. Therefore, many companies from different industries, including hospitality, food, culture, retail, and casino, are all looking to get the most out of this technology.

It is due to these demand trends, the introduction of new projector lines has occurred. These new laser projectors have the ability to project and illuminate virtually any material or surface simultaneously. It can either be the narrow shelves or even the glass windows for advertisement.

The conventional display applications are less versatile than their modern counterparts.  Flat panels have significantly grown in size, but projectors are shrunk. The manufacturers have also introduced new technologies to create more sophisticated lenses. It allows you to project a brighter, bigger image almost anywhere you like.

Top 9 Benefits of Using video Projection and 3D Mapping

Projection mapping is turning any 3D object into a display surface using projection technology, and it has been immensely popular. You can turn any surface into a projection surface and can easily bring an entire building to life.

The entire concept of this projection mapping is to take reality and augment it. Projection mapping has increased in demand with the companies that are looking to advertise and market their products, brand, and services.

Here are some of the key benefits of using video projection and 3D mapping.

#1 Flexibility

Using this technology, the content projected on any surface can be altered as per the projection backdrop. For instance, if you are looking to alter the space from an old drab room to a new ballroom, you can do this with just a click of a button.

It will take care of any necessary physical transformations. You can also use the technology on almost any surface and use it in any setting.  

#2 Portability

The best part about using video projection and 3D is that there is no need for any props or physical sets. No time is wasted to build all these sets and use the props, and you can use it almost anywhere as well.

Portability and ease of use, as well as less time consumption, become critical factors that become advantageous for any project. You just need a good quality projector, and you are all set to entertain the crowd.

#3 Imagination

Visual effects and computer technology, the combination of these two, generate endless possibilities. You can do almost anything with it from designing a logo or creating an entire world. You need to have the right kind of technology and program at your hand for your presentation.

#4 No Flat Surface Needed

This is perhaps another big advantage of this technology that brings out much more from it. You can use it on almost any surface, and it doesn't need to be flat. Therefore, the creators of the presentation feel a lot comfortable in creating the content that they want to project. A quality experience will be guaranteed no matter where you use it.

#5 3D images

Another huge advantage of this technology is that the presenter has the ability to use 3D images instead of 2D. The immersive experience for the audience gets closer to reality, and it becomes imaginative too.

#6 Hassle-free

These technologies are excellent to work with because they are completely hassle-free. The creator of such content doesn't need any sets or any special props.

In fact, even the need for a proper flat surface is gone. You just need a good quality projector for this and deliver content that can engage the crowds with that wow-factor.

#7 Versatility

The content can be designed according to the needs and demands of the stakeholders. Any industry can use this technology for any purpose and any audience.  

Its versatility is one of the best features of 3D and video projection technology. And it is all going to advance from here into the coming years.

#8 More Engaging

The content is always going to be more engaging because it is based on videos and animation. This type of content attracts the best user engagement.

Today, people look for more engaging content with which they can interact and collaborate, so these animations and projections will work wonders in delivering engaging content that can attract wider audiences.

#9 Reduced Cost

The cost of producing video projection is far less than the traditional advertising and marketing techniques that involve renting the electric billboards. Now you have to invest one time and reap the benefits over the equipment life cycle.

A Gadget or a Futuristic Technology

With the increased use of video projection and 3D technology in recent times, it surely is here to stay. More and more companies are using it as their advertising and marketing tool, but it has surely more to offer. It has so many benefits, and with time, it is being used in various other industries as well.

The creators of this technology are looking to equip it with more and more features, where bigger LED panels and brighter lights, along with the use of the laser, are gaining popularity. The point to be noted here is that with the more innovation and development in technology, the experiences will become more personal where there will be content available for individuals.

At the moment, the content is developed for the masses. And as the trends are on a high, very soon, these projections will be available for the users to experience with more wearable and portable technologies like Google Glass, etc.

The increased use of smartphones, social media, and internet access has made the current users (who are Millennials and Gen Z) more prone to experiences. This makes them more driven towards interactive or collaborative content.

Therefore, the demand for such content will be on the rise. And hence, such kind of video projection is going to be on the rise as well.

Final Words

Video projection mapping and 3D are here to stay for a long time to come. People these days look for content with which they can interact and collaborate. Therefore, more and more people find these projections extremely engaging.

Another reason is that with the growing usage of social media, internet, and smartphones, people have become more selective in their content choice. And they go for video and animation based content that they can experience. If that experience becomes immersive, then that type of content becomes an instant hit.

That’s not the only matter associated with these emerging video projection technologies. They are super simple to use, and with time, these technologies are becoming more sophisticated.

This technology is gaining momentum in all industries, from education to business. In recent years, it has proved that it is a lot more than just a mere gadget. But only time will tell how well it develops according to the demands of different sectors to be the technology of the future.

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