Why Are Connectivity Features Important For Vankyo Projectors?

November 01, 2021

Why Are Connectivity Features Important For Vankyo Projectors?

The ability to stay connected has been one of the main drivers of our current technological landscape. A landscape where Vankyo chooses to enable the progress of its projector technologies through a stronger emphasis on the integration of more advanced connectivity features.

In this article, we want to answer your doubts regarding these important and defining connectivity features. One of the main questions we receive is why connectivity features are so important for Vankyo projectors.

To answer this question, we will guide you to the main connectivity features found in projectors, explaining main functions and its importance. We will also showcase a Vankyo projector that possesses all the aforementioned connectivity characteristics.

What are Connectivity Features?

Connectivity features for projectors can be defined as the software & hardware characteristics that allow a projector to interact with media and 3rd party devices/accessories. Their importance can’t be overstated, for without them - a modern projector would devolve several generations.

The need to implement more complex connectivity & compatibility features in projectors comes from the streamlining process that occurs with most technology as it evolves over time. New features and technologies are developed, and existing devices (like projectors) need to evolve in scope and design in order to keep up and integrate the increased efficiency and accessibility of new technologies.

For the purposes of understanding the importance of connectivity features within the framework of Vankyo’s lineup of projectors, we will analyze their main hardware and software implementations.

Hardware Connectivity Features

Hardware connectivity features in projectors can be defined as the physical parts within a projector that allows it to interface (i.e. connect & communicate & integrate) with 3rd party technologies and accessories.

Without proper hardware connectivity, your Vankyo projector would be an empty, featureless device. Imagine trying to watch a movie without a way to connect your laptop or hard drive to your projector. Thanks to hardware connectivity and all its varied implementations, you can enjoy most forms of modern media with all Vankyo projectors.

Let’s take a look at the main sets of hardware compatibility features that make Vankyo projectors some of the most accessible, media-friendly projectors on the market.


HDMI is a proprietary set of connectors and ports that is able to stream High-Definition (i.e. HD) video and audio simultaneously. HDMI has become a ubiquitous form of connectivity between devices, and projectors have been one of those devices that have profited greatly from the implementation of the technology.

HDMI works thanks to a cable that uses both nodes of HDMI output and input (which are the same). The cable allows high-definition video and audio data to be transferred in real-time between devices, thus allowing you to connect a laptop and projector in order to screen mirror the media from your computer into a projected image.


USB or Universal Serial Bus is an industry-standard for the manufacturing and implementation of data transferring ports and cables. Over the years, USB and its ongoing evolutions (e.g. USB 1.x, USB 2.0, USB 3.x, USB 4) have become the preferred way to transfer data between most compatible devices. One of the most famous implementations of this technology is the USB stick, essentially a mini hard drive with average storage capacity that has a USB port attached to it.

USB allows most Vankyo projectors to stream all sorts of media through them, as it is a connectivity feature that remains essential for office & academic environments that need to transport presentations and images on the go. It also allows your favorite movies to be played by the projector once a USB drive is linked with the USB port of the projector.

Analog connectivity (VGA, AV RCA)

Analog connectivity is one of the oldest forms of media connectivity features in all devices. They use different sets of analog cables & ports that transmit video and audio signals separately (i.e. a port for audio and a port for video). The separation of video and audio signals makes this type of connectivity bulkier and harder to manage because it requires more cables and different ports on the device.

Although analog connectivity tends to be perceived as bulky and cumbersome when compared to more streamlined methods like HDMI, the technology works and has been an industry standard for decades. There are 2 main types of analog connectivity present with most Vankyo projectors: VGA ( a video display port & cable) and AV RCA (audio & video ports & cables separated into colors).

Audio jacks

Audio jacks (also known as phone plugs) are a type of electrical connector that is used mostly for analog audio. They have a long history of being the default and essential audio port of most electronic devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and projectors.

They allow Vankyo projectors to be compatible with all your audio accessories (headphones, speakers, surround sound systems, portable speakers) that use this type of audio jack in order to interface with the projector.

SD cards

SD cards are a form of memory storage that uses a proprietary port in order to transmit data. Like USB drives, SD cards have the advantage of being highly portable and can be used to carry all sorts of digital media. Vankyo projectors benefit greatly from SD card connectivity integration, as they enhance the options of their users with regards to hardware connectivity & access to stored media.


Contrary to what some might think, Wi-Fi technology is primarily a hardware connectivity feature. It works thanks to radio waves that are transmitted and received via a Wi-Fi card or similar component. The radio waves can be decoded by other Wi-Fi-compatible devices and allow users to be connected to the internet (or to other devices) via the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi usually uses 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz frequencies to operate.

Wi-Fi is incredibly important for the modern applications of Vankyo projectors, as it enables internet connectivity that grants access to essential software updates, applications, and interfaces with other devices. The most common way Wi-Fi is used to stream media with projectors is via the Screen Mirroring feature.


Bluetooth is a short-ranged, radio wave-based technology that allows data transmission and connectivity between devices. It is most commonly used to connect wireless accessories to devices (e.g. wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers to a projector). Vankyo projectors and accessories use Bluetooth hardware for this very purpose, with all its projectors having some form of Bluetooth connectivity integrated within the device.

Software Connectivity Features

Software connectivity features can be defined as the inner set of instructions that tell a computerized device what to do. These sets of instructions, known colloquially as “programs”, vary greatly in their scope, feel, and applicability. Vankyo projectors use software to streamlines, processes, and produce a highly compatible & connected projector experience.

There are 2 types of software that enable the wide range of connectivity features within Vankyo projectors, they can be defined as Application software support, and Operating systems (OS).

Application software support

Mobile Applications, better known as “Apps”, are programs found in computerized devices that enhance connectivity, functionality, and usability. They can vary from entertainment apps (e.g. games) to media streaming apps (e.g. VLC media player).

Vankyo projectors use applications to further the connectivity features of their devices, enabling game-changing features like screen mirroring apps, media streaming apps (e.g. Netflix, Youtube), and TV stick compatibility.

Operating System (OS) & Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

Operating Systems (i.e. OS) are digital interfaces that serve the purpose of guiding the user through the multiple functions and tools of a computerized system. Since their inception, operating systems were complicated and required some proficiency in programming languages to operate. The need for a visual interface that one could simply “click” was always there, and in the 60s and 70s, we got our first taste of commercially available Graphical User Interfaces (i.e. GUI).

Most Vankyo projectors use a mobile Operating System & GUI combo to showcase information to their user. This information is essential for connectivity features, as most of the hardware that permeates the projectors need sets of instructions and digital access by the part of their user to function.

Best Vankyo Projector for Connectivity Features: Vankyo Performance V630W Projector

The Vankyo Performance V630W HD & Wi-Fi Projector is one of Vankyo’s most advanced projectors. It is a powerhouse that provides a wide variety of high-tech features, from a native 1080p resolution to 50ºdegrees (+ or -) of vertical + horizontal keystone correction, and 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi support.

The Vankyo Performance V630W HD & Wi-Fi Projector also uses all the different connectivity features that we have mentioned in this article to provide a high-quality projector experience. Its extensive multimedia compatibility includes two HDMI ports, one USB port, one 5V USB port, one 3.5mm audio jack, one AV port, one VGA port, and 1 SD card slot.


So why are connectivity features important for Vankyo projectors? As you have seen in this article, they are the backbones that allow most modern projectors to assimilate and utilize new standards of media streaming & compatibility. In essence, connectivity features provide us with more variety than ever before to access and enjoy our extensive libraries of digital media.

Without it, projectors would be relegated back into movie theaters or niche roles like academic presentations where analog connectivity (while functional) would make our ability to access media much more cumbersome.

If you want to purchase the Vankyo Performance V630W HD & Wi-Fi Projector or check out some other projectors that feature extensive connectivity features you can click here. Remember to check out the Vankyo blog to keep yourself updated with the latest educational and highly informative Vankyo projector articles.

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