VANKYO Launches Wire-free LED Leisure 470 Movie Projector

mars 19, 2020

VANKYO Launches Wire-free LED Leisure 470 Movie Projector

New Release - Vankyo Leisure 470 Wi-Fi HD Video Projector

Vankyo recently launched a new model of Leisure series, Leisure 470. This Wi-Fi HD Video Projector is a feature-packed Wi-Fi projector that offers excellent and impressive image quality. It comes with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and can bring a true HD image to complete your home cinema experience.

Imagine that you stay comfortably in your living room, eat popcorn and enjoy home entertainment... Nothing could be more pleasant than this! Watching blockbusters on a giant screen that can extend to 120 inches, alongside a contrast ratio of 3,500: 1, you build yourself a truly immersive home theater easily.

While it is capable of rendering excellent projection, Leisure 470 can also connect to an external speaker or game controller via Bluetooth. So with this mini portable projector, you can use peripherals to get the most out of your projector!

Another remarkable feature or perk of this mini LED movie projector is that it supports wire-free screen mirroring. It can project high-quality videos wirelessly from IOS or Android devices. This Wi-Fi LED projector is not only compatible with smartphones, but also with tablets. And it can save you a lot of time and effort if you’re a heavy user for movies or gaming.


Why  Leisure 470 is Outstanding?

Consider the following benefits that this Vankyo Leisure 470 Wi-Fi projector can show you:

  • It allows you to project a presentation without using a laptop. All you need is a USB memory stick.
  • Views are done wirelessly. Therefore, it is not necessary to connect the wires and tangle them. The connection is very simple!
  • You can move the projector from room to room without holding the cord. With a Wi-Fi projector like Leisure 470, you will no longer be bothered by the cables and you can enjoy very good image quality in any room at home.

Vankyo Leisure 470 has the latest LED technology and has a service life of 50,000 hours. This duration will allow you to use the video projector for a fun time without having to replace the lamp regularly.

To solve the problem of overheat and noise, Leisure 470 adopts the dual-fan system as well as the advanced noise reduction technology. So you will hear less whirring noises coming out of the cooling fans.

To learn more about our Leisure 470, head over to the Leisure 470 Movie Projector page.

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mai 23, 2020

I finally received my Leisure 470. I can’t wait to use it. But already installed it and tested it, the sound is perfect the lumen seems perfect (my room is very bright during the day so I will found out tonight).. I am so happy and it was delivered very fast because I have been told that I was going to receive it in May so this is an amazing surprise..

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