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VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector

In Your Room, or around the World

Small, light and equipped with integrated battery, the handy Burger 101 pocket projector can be your best companion for any occasion. Ideal for home entertainment, gaming and outside gatherings.

Adopt DLP Technology

Burger 101 adopts the advanced DLP technology that provides more accurate, durable color and better images sharpness. It also allows you to obtain a remarkable readability and clarity with a high contrast.

Plug and Play

Connecting to any device as you want is easy. Burger 101 comes with HDMI, USB and audio ports, allowing to connect to smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV Box, TV Stick and USB flash drive.

Screen Sharing in Seconds

Screen Sharing in SecondsIf it’s on your device, it’s on Burger 101 too. Sync your smartphone or tablet and control your media with seamless screen sharing, you can cast anything you want to share such as movies, games and videos.

Magical 3D Experience

Want to have magical 3D experiences in thecomfort of home like in movie theaters? 

All you need is Burger 101, yourfavorite 3D sources, and a pair of 3D glasses (not included), then you canenjoy the incredible 3D effect.

Auto Keystone Correction

Get a straight, clear image with vertical ±40 degree auto keystone correction. 

You can enable this function by accessing Setup and Projection on the screen menu with your remote.

Carrying Case & Tripod

Burger 101 comes with a customized black carrying case. 

Along with a durable and non-slip tripod including a lightweight Aluminum stand, 

you can adjust your projector to an ideal height for better viewing experiences.


Bedroom/ Outdoor

What’s in the box