How to Setup Screen Mirroring With a Vankyo Projector?

September 30, 2021

How to Setup Screen Mirroring With a Vankyo Projector?

The advent of screen mirroring in the modern technological landscape has created an environment that allows anyone with access to smart devices to project, connect, and share their screens. Projectors are one of these technologies that have benefited greatly from screen mirroring technology, involving the projecting of media files or content from several types of interconnected devices.

Vankyo projectors are some of the most accessible quality projectors available on the market today, benefiting greatly from modern media & connectivity features like screen mirroring. In this article, we will see how to properly set up screen mirroring functions on a Vankyo projector.

We will explore the different types of screen mirroring that are available, as well as see the different types of Vankyo projectors that benefit greatly from the application of this feature. Finally, we will check out places you could visit and how you can purchase one of these screen-mirroring-ready Vankyo projectors.

What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a feature that’s found on most modern smart devices (e.g., Laptops, Desktop PCs, Smart TVs, Projectors, Smartphones) that allows a device’s screen to be copied (i.e. mirrored) into that of another. This feature is very useful for media streaming, as it allows the mirroring of media from one smart device to another.

The main reason to use screen mirroring is often to make the media screen bigger (i.e. upscaling), but it’s often used for accessibility and convenience (i.e. interfacing apps between devices). Below, we’ll take a look at the different pathways one can follow to effectively use this feature with Vankyo projectors.

Streaming App or OS Screen Mirroring

Before we discuss the most popular ways to use the screen mirroring function, we have to understand its operating system and application requirements. Some applications (Apps) and some Operating Systems (OS) have screen mirroring features embedded within them. A notable app that has a screen mirroring function is the YouTube app, while most mobile and desktop operating systems have built-in screen mirroring functions (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc…)

These operating systems and their applications (software) need a direct link between devices to use the screen mirroring tool. The 2 most popular ways to achieve this connectivity between devices are via WiFi and HDMI (wired & wireless). Both the wired and wireless screen mirroring approaches have advantages and drawbacks, and they both perform a very similar function - to enable video & audio transmission in real-time.

HDMI Screen Mirroring

HDMI screen mirroring is one of the most convenient and accessible ways to enable this feature with Vankyo projectors. HDMI is a multimedia interfacing system that uses an HDMI cable to connect to specific HDMI ports, allowing for real-time transmission of high-quality video and audio data. Almost all Vankyo projectors have HDMI ports that enable HDMI screen mirroring.

Touse HDMI screen mirroring with a Vankyo compatible projector you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Have your Vankyo projector ready.
  2. Have a device that you wish to interface with the Vankyo projector via HDMI (e.g. laptop) ready.
  3. Acquire an HDMI cable.
  4. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI ports on your media device (e.g. laptop) and your Vankyo projector.
  5. Select the HDMI input option on your Vankyo projector.
  6. Select the HDMI output option on your media device (e.g. laptop).
  7. Watch the projector image become a screen mirror of your source device.
  8. Use the projected image as an up-scaled screen of your laptop.

WiFi Screen Mirroring

At first glance, WiFi screen mirroring could be difficult, especially in understanding its features. In reality, once we understand how to effectively connect our media streaming device with our Vankyo projector, we’ll have a single button press approach to seamlessly transition between screen mirroring features.

WiFi screen mirroring is a wireless approach to screen mirroring, bypassing the HDMI cable and ports for a direct link between projector and media device via the internet. Many applications from both the media device (e.g. laptop, smartphone) and the Vankyo projector have screen mirroring functions via WiFi, all you need is a stable internet connection with access to a WiFi router and its wireless networks that link your media device with your Vankyo projector.

To use WiFiTororing all you need to do is follow these few simple steps:

  1. Setup and power on your Vankyo projector.
  2. Have your media streaming device ready (e.g. laptop, smartphone).
  3. Connect your media streaming device & Vankyo projector to the same WiFi network.
  4. Enable screen mirroring via the OS or by using the screen mirroring button of an application.
  5. Enable an automatic WiFi connection on your streaming device and Vankyo projector  to your preferred network to streamline access to the screen mirroring feature.
  6. Enjoy screen mirroring!

What Type of Vankyo Projectors Support Screen Mirroring?

ALmost all Vankyo projectors are distinct in their specifications, target audience, use cases, and design. But one prominent feature found on almost all Vankyo projectors is the screen mirroring feature. Thanks to our love for media & entertainment, screen mirroring in Vankyo projectors and its competitors has become a standard feature in the industry.

Vankyo Performance V630

The Vankyo Performance V630 is a powerful HD projector that balances high-end features and specifications with affordable characteristics. It has a Full HD native resolution of 1080p, a powerful 5000:1 contrast ratio, and automatic keystoning technology. These high-end features and its relatively large size make it a worthy addition to any home theater, academic, or office setup. Because of its more classical projector design and ergonomic profile, the Vankyo Performance V630 is a great choice for HDMI screen mirroring functions.

Its ideal setup would be as the centerpiece of a home theater environment, with an HDMI cable that’s always ready to be plugged into compatible laptops, desktop PCs, smart TV sticks, and even smartphones. If you are serious about creating an immersive and highly customizable home theater setup, a Vankyo Performance V630 with HDMI screen mirroring functions is the right choice for you.

Vankyo GO300 Smart Wi-Fi Projector

The Vankyo GO300 Smart Wi-Fi projector is a portable projector that excels at providing a high-quality projector experience on the go. It’s a 1080p capable projector that offers very generous scaling and image quality characteristics on a small package. Because of this, the Vankyo GO300 Smart Wi-Fi projector is better suited for WiFi screen mirroring functions.

The integrated mobile Operating System (OS) of the Vankyo GO300 Smart Wi-Fi projector allows it to seamlessly interface between applications, TV sticks, smart TVs, and smartphones by the press of a button. This alone makes the Vankyo GO300 Smart Wi-Fi projector a very versatile projector, not only revered for its portability but also for its extensive media & connectivity features.

How to Setup Screen Mirroring

Setting up screen mirroring on your Vankyo projectors is an easy process that requires a few simple steps. The process varies slightly depending on what type of projector you have, as well as what pathway you choose to access the screen mirroring features. We’ve created an easy-to-follow list that will allow you to easily set up a screen mirroring Vankyo setup in any environment.

1. Understand the media & connectivity features of your projector

The first step to start using the screen mirroring feature is to know media type and connectivity features a projector has. This helps you ascertain what type of approach to follow in order to access the feature in a way that’s accessible to you. Here are a few tips on finding more about the media & connectivity features of your projector.

  • Check the official specifications of your projector for media & connectivity features.
  • Check your projector for HDMI ports.
  • Check your projector’s Operating System (OS) for WiFi & App compatibility.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website or store for further information about your projector’s functions.

2. Choose your screen mirroring approach (wireless vs wired)

Once you understand the media & connectivity features of your projector, you can choose your screen mirroring approach. If you have a projector that benefits from using HDMI screen mirroring, then you should get ready to configure screen mirroring via the HDMI approach.

If you have a projector that’s more suited for WiFi connectivity to its media via screen mirroring, then you should get ready to configure your screen mirroring setup for the WiFi approach.

3. Have your accessories ready (HDMI)

If you are planning to use the HDMI approach, you will need a few accessories that might or might not with your projector purchase. The most essential accessories you’ll need for an HDMI screen mirroring setup are:

  • HDMI cable.
  • HDMI port converter for iPhone smartphones.
  • HDMI port converter for Android smartphones.

4. Check your internet connection (WiFi)

If you choose to pursue a WiFi approach to enable the screen mirroring features of your projector, you’ll need to check your internet connection. This is a very important step for any type of WiFi media & connectivity setup because its efficacy is almost exclusively dictated by internet connection’s quality. Here are a few tips to follow to have the best connection for a screen mirroring setup.

  • Make sure your WiFi router is working properly by running a speed test using any available browser tool.
  • Connect your media device (e.g. laptop, smartphone, videogame console) to your home WiFi network.
  • Connect your projector to the home WiFi network.
  • Test your screen mirroring function with an application (e.g. YouTube) from your media streaming device. You can also use built-in screen mirroring tools.

How to Purchase Screen Mirroring Compatible Projectors?

Purchasing screen mirroring compatible projectors is as easy as clicking on a few links. The Vankyo lineup of projectors has one of the most complete, easy to navigate, and accessible listing on high quality & affordable screen mirroring compatible projectors in the market. You can access the Vankyo lineup of projectors on 3rd party retailers like Amazon.

If you want to purchase the Vankyo lineup of projectors you can access the Vankyo official online store. If you would also like to purchase a Vankyo projector using a 3rd party site you can access the Vankyo oficial Amazon storefront.

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Hello, i just bought one of your projectors and it seems i cant connect it via wifi, i am using pixel 3a. I could not locate solutuon online. I see the projector under wifi direct and see that is connecting, but few seconds later is disconnected, can you help?

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