Vankyo Phone Projector

The Smartphone Projector is a lo-fi and amazing way to display your Smartphone's screen. Place any phone that will fit into the projector box, and the screen will enlarge the screen by multiple times! Since the device produces screens using a box, it's super convenient and very easy to use.

This mini projector, manufactured by many companies, comes in many designs that usually features leather styling, foil accent, and laminate finish of soft matte. After you set up the distance of the projector from the wall, you just need to synchronize your smartphone and set the focus. The screen on a bigger size is all set.

With the Smartphone Projector, showing the most recent viral video to your family and friends turns into a mutual encounter rather than a neck-craning frenzy. Show your vacation snapshots for a local gathering while you are lying in bed. What's more, children will appreciate the sentiment of having their own special cinema!

Screen Size Customization

The magnificence of projectors is that they can work on any surface, unlike the one set screen of your television. To make sure that the quality is amazing, many people project the portable projector on a white painted wall or white screen, but that is not necessary.

Huge Images

Talking about the screen size, pocket projectors have the benefit of not being limited by an external restriction. They are not restricted in size. Similarly, TVs are placed on a specific location, and you cannot easily move it. However, you can take projectors anywhere you want.

Eye Comfort

With regards to your eye comfort, the benefits of projectors are two-fold. If you have ever taken an eye examination, you must know that even if your vision is perfect, it will feel harder to read small letters. For projectors:

  • produce wider and bigger images
  • The reflected light is a more comfortable and less strain
  • Projectors display light; TVs emit light
  • Bigger images made easily viewable with less strain


This portable projector is not only lightweight but also has a small size. Their weight is mostly between 20 lbs to 2 lbs. You will feel comfortable in taking the projector anywhere without any problem.

  • Easy to carry and enjoy with family and friends anywhere
  • Good for hot-weather outdoor viewing
  • Easy to transport and Lightweight

Given the benefits of projectors, this system makes sense for pretty much anybody to consider. Additionally, projectors are extraordinary for individuals who require a more powerful and dynamic way to deal with home entertainment.

Remember and honor.

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