VANKYO PT20 Aluminum Tripod Projector Stand

VANKYO’s projector tripod stand is a well-designed stand that comes with a big and adjustable tray to hold your projector firmly and safely. The stand won’t let you down in elevating your projector to the best height. You can adjust the stand to any height you want. It can be adjusted from 17 to 45.6 inches. Since it has a multifunctional design, it is also great for various devices other than a projector. It can provide a universal workstation for laptops and cameras as well.

The projector stand is made of hard and rugged aluminum alloy which makes it durable. It comes with anti-skid rubber pads and straps to prevent skidding and protect your projector from falling. Besides, it has a sleek carrying bag to offer you convenience. You can carry it with your projector on the move, which ensures your projector is safe and organized.

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