VANKYO Leisure 510 HD Movie Projector, Video Projector with 230" Projection Size, LCD, Support 1080P

📽️Brighter and Crispier Images
VANKYO Leisure 510 provides a native resolution of 1280*768 pixels and a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 200 lumens, thus producing a brighter and crispier visual output. Elegant images for an elite visual experience.

📽️Outstanding Performance with Upgraded Features
The upgraded cooling system prevents overheating itself for a longer and better performance; meanwhile, it reduces fan noise, to give you a more immersive, authentically-reproduced audio experience.

📽️Omnipotent Connectivity
For a compact device such as VANKYO Leisure 510, it is compatible with PC, laptops, iPad, iPhones, and other smartphones, as well as TV Stick, Chromecast, Xbox, and PS3/PS4. A true omnipotent multimedia projector.

📽️HIFI Stereo Dual Speakers
Built-in two 3W stereo speakers offer excellent audio support. Without the need for costly external speakers, dual speakers offer the best audio for you. A clear high-quality sound system brings you a cinematic experience.

📽️For More Entertainment Possibilities
Ideal for various entertainment choices, such as movies, TV series, Talk Shows, and even Internet surfing or game playing, the VANKYO Leisure 510 provides more than what you need and beyond what you have imagined.

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Free Returns
3 Years Warranty

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